Fraudulent Social Media Profiles

Watch who you connect with on ‘Social Media’ they may not be a real 

America, be aware of who you are connecting with on all of your social media networks.There are international citizens, who are making up fake profiles like their a business professional or real person located in the United States and actually they are not. 

 Below you’ll view a actual profile, thankfully it was copied before the culprit disappeared into thin air on LinkedIn. This is very disturbing America, and proves the internet is vulnerable to any international attackers, even ‘Social Media’ networks such as LinkedIn, can’t even prevent these types of attacks from occurring. This also proves, that all information on the internet can be stolen and/or compromised by international countries at any given time, which is not good for any American Citizen. Please realize not only are businesses, being hacked, many U.S. citizens personal or business information is being stolen. 

America, has a serious problem in all facets, there is no safety in America, ‘Online or Offline,’ imagine how many American citizens information has been stolen! How in the world can any Credit Bureau, Employer, Banking Institution, Car Dealership, Apartment Complex, or any other business entity ask a American Citizens for their  personal credit history, which could of been compromised and being used by a unknown ‘International Citizens,’ who’ve stolen their identity, or information and using it! Also how do any of these agencies know this is the actual person, being, that international individuals have also retrieved their social security number, date of birth, pertinent family history, names, addresses, contact numbers, and passwords. Do they not understand American citizens personal and private information is being compromised. 

America, how in the world can this be prevented. It can’t due to the vulnerability of America’s new sophisticated International citizens, who have figured out how to manipulate America’s Internet, business information, and social media networks! What a total nightmare for every American Citizen! All American families are doomed for failure with these types of things occurring. The ‘U.S. Federal Government’ isn’t doing a good job protecting American Citizens! The ‘American Dream’ is never going to rebound due to international culprits manipulating U.S. citizens, on and off line! 

America, please watch all aspects of you and your families personal information, especially the elderly, someone internationally may have stolen your family and business identity, without you knowing it! 

Let’s go into detail about ‘Social Media Fraud’ you may be unaware of; 

1. A business professional or individual person, contacts you via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc, who’d like to connect with you, or offer you help for your business! This person has a legitimate ‘Social Media’ profile with a picture, Career Information, College, and other personal information about themselves. (Be aware it all could be fake)! 

2. They ask you to connect with them and give there email address such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Aol, or their business email. They also give you a contact number to reach them. 

3. After asking, several questions about them and their business, they respond promptly, and forward you their license information that may look legitimate – If you look closely it is not! 

4. This person also seems to be working in the United States and Internationally, which you also would believe they are legitimate, claiming to be a investor and interested in investing into your business and give you a business loan, doing this only to get your business and personal information! Be Aware Entrepreneurs! Just as ‘Kickstarter’ and many other websites they’ve hacked into.  

See below LinkedIn International Fraud – This persons name will be shown to America, for informational purposes and proof! This person interacted back and forth with the owner of CABIRI, although this person was stopped in there tracks, without knowing CABIRI, is a Consumer Business Research Investigator, and caught onto the scam. Once caught this persons original email to the owner of CABIRI, on LinkdedIn, mysteriously disappeared, along with the entire profile and picture.

(Where it went who knows – did he delete it?) LinkedIn has failed to respond, once contacted! Which shows “Social Media” corporate owners are not diligent in trying to fix and protect vital consumer information from hackers, or international predators setting up accounts on their “Social Media Site” impacting American Citizens and business professionals! 

View actual account of email and profile – 

LinkedIn Profile Information – Which mysteriously disappeared

 Lucy Addison

Finance at IFC Home

Garden City, New York

Alternative Dispute Resolution


  1. Wintrust Financial Corporation
  2. IFC Home


  1. The University of Chicago



Wintrust Financial Corporation

October 2003 – Present (10 years 10 months)


IFC Home

June 1997 – Present (17 years 2 months)

The University of Chicago

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Accounting and Finance

1977 – 1982

Activities and Societies: As Loyola strives for excellencethe School of Communication offers various opportunities for students to express their skillsopinions and ideas. Organizations include honors societies and professional organizationsas well as student-produced programming and publications. Each presents real life experience for students striving to achieve excellence in various fields of communication.

 North Central College

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Accounting

1974 – 1975

Activities and Societies: North Central students don’t sit on the sidelines. They are involved inand are leaders for more than 60 student organizations and activities—from art to zumba and everything in between. It’s easy to find your passionconnect with othersand complement your classroom learning with our rich array of diverse opportunities. You can explore your options and find your fit by checking out something new each week—and on weekends. If you don’t see it—you can start it!

See attached license and certificate information forwarded to CABIRI, business owner – 



Email sent to CABIRI, 

On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 12:29 PM, Lucy Addison <> wrote:

Dear Applicant,

I acknowledge your mail. But before we proceed with your loan request, Here are the information needed to process your investors loan. I am ready to help you with the loan amount that you are in need of. Below  are the details needed to process the loan. I offer Loans with a capital base between a minimum amount of $ 50,000 and a maximum amount of $ 1 Billion USD with an interest rate of 2%. The time period is usually determined by the applicant. If you are applying this loan I will want you to be serious about it, I will also want you to know that getting loan from my company is 100% reassured, so it all depend on you, .AND MUST BE TRUST WORTHY.

So, you are expected to give us your application request by filling the loan application form below so that we can process your loan within 2 to 5 days. I will send you the loan terms and conditions as the application form is submitted.

1) The Borrower must be at least 18yrs old
2) Even with Bad credit, we still guarantee the Borrower the Loan
3) The Investors Loan Can Be granted even with low credit.
4) Fixed Rate Of The Loan 2%.

Note: You are to Fill the Investor Loan Application Information and Return so that we will have more details about you and your business on this Investment Loan Transfer.

In acknowledgement to these details, I will send you a well calculated Terms and Condition which will include the agreement. All information is strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose to which it is been requested. NOTE: We shall be expecting your response as soon as you get this message. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

Best Regards.
Mr Lucy Addison

Corporate Development and 
Investors Relations
 4 Engleheart Dv, 
Feltham, TW14 9HLLondon
Tel: ( +44 ) 783 122 6624

Please be aware America, and please pass along to all your family, friends, and colleagues! 
Thanks for reading America! Please help continue to support CABIRI, bringing all American Citizens, vital business information that may impact your families and businesses. Without your support, CABIRI, will not be ale to continue reporting such informative news. 
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