Ebola Crisis Exaggerated

America, as the founder of CABIRI, I had to communicate the falsehood of the Ebola crisis in countries such as Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone! A very close friend of mine happens to be from Liberia, and one of there relative’s recently flew from the United States to Liberia, on July 28, 2014!

Upon arriving and speaking with several other family members in Liberia, there are only 12 Ebola cases in the 4 countries, and those citizens with the virus are in a ‘Infectious Disease Hospital’ contained and being monitored. Everyone is going on with there lives! Liberians are shocked by how America, has blown this out of context, stating there is a Epidemic in their new developing country, when there is none!  

Why in the world is America’s news media reporting such fallacies, about these regions when this is far from the truth, 12 is not a epidemic! Trust me America, the source is very credible, I’ve known this person and their family for over 15yrs! This is very disturbing that America’s media networks, are going to such extremes to boost their ratings, by exaggerating! 

America, this goes to show we can’t trust anything the media reports, or there sources may not be accurate, or may be stretching the truth, to increase their paychecks! America is all money driving, it seems the more you lie the better your paycheck! What happened to all out honesty, true facts and care of a human life! Is America based upon all lie’s and untruth’s? 

America, before you believe anything, reported, please check the facts first! The story may be money driven or to boost a networks ratings! 



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