Millions Of Veterans Still Suffering

Veterans Currently Still Suffering In America


America, as a daughter of a Vietnam veteran, please realize there are many veterans still suffering while congress is relaxing on vacation, with there families. In there leisure time with their families, I wonder how many veterans will die?

Here’s a current synopsis of what my ‘Father’ a 70yr. old Vietnam Veteran with Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer is currently dealing with, he’s in urgent need of a colonoscopy, he was told 2 months ago at the Birmingham, Alabama VA, he needed to get it done after his cancer check up, the VA told him he would have to drive 3hrs. away again to Birmingham, Alabama, to get the colonoscopy done, which he just returned from 2 months ago from getting his cancer checkup! Now they have the audacity to want him to go drive back again, and pay for his own hotel again, to get that done! Although, they are checking to see if he can get it done locally, which he hasn’t received one phone call back from them! Are you serious!

Then he requested a dental appointment 4 months ago for a tooth that’s been bothering him, and the VA in Montgomery, Alabama a 2hr. drive, told him that they could see him in December 2014, well guess what, he called them back in May! Although, they’re checking to see if he can see someone locally! Well, that was month’s ago, he hasn’t received one phone call back!  By the time they get back to him the infection could set in and kill him, another are you serious!

The 3rd issue, he had to drive all the way to Tuskegee, Alabama from Ozark, Alabama hours away just to get fitted for a hearing aid, he went several months back and still hasn’t received the hearing aid. So is he to go death in the process while awaiting for the VA to send his hearing aid! Another are you serious!

America, my Father lives 5minutes away from Fort Rucker, in Ozark, Alabama, which has a VA Clinic right on site! As you read above, he’s had to drive hours away just to receive treatment, with his serious health issue’s! He could die on the road, my father is not a spring chicken driving these long distances at the age of 70yrs. old! The Federal Government doesn’t give a ‘Damn’ this is occurring! If my father dies, I would hold the entire United State’s Government responsible for his death! Let their aging ‘Father’ drive all around the world to get treatment, Oh, boy the bottom would drop out! This is not fair to my father or any other veteran out there experiencing the same problems!

America, this is very frustrating and sad my ‘Father’ fought for his country, and for each and every one of them sitting in office, this is the type of respect they give him or any other veteran? They all should be ashamed of themselves and held accountable! They aren’t governing or helping their own citizens who are in need! Although, they are quick to help immigrants or any other country!

As, his daughter I will fight for my ‘Father’ and all ‘Veterans’ this is utterly ridiculous and occurring in America, while they are on vacation with their families! These veterans made a sacrifice for the United State’s and all of these “Selfish” Congressman, should do the same! They have no respect, compassion or care about the life of another human being! I truly, hope they can sleep at night!


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