America’s Wealthy Mis-Conceptions


America, why do people whom are ‘Wealthy’ or have a better ‘Education’ portray they’re better than others and think they can degrade and speak to others any kind of derogatory way! This is totally wrong and disheartening! Many who have ‘Riches or an Ivy league educations,” are lonely, lost, miserable and depressed human beings, due to being isolated from society, pressured into performing at such high standards, and working long hours, just to keep up with the status quo!

Many of these individuals eventually seek counseling or turn to drugs, sex or alcohol, hiding their pain due to feeling isolated, or a need to feel wanted or accepted in society in some kind of way. They sometimes lack social skills, which interferes with respecting or understanding other human beings, not on their level!  Which they don’t realize every individual has feelings, and did not lead the same life path’s, they were fortunate to have, too become successful, wealthy or even receive a great education, along with possibly having a prominent family background! 

Some with ‘Wealth and Ivy league educations,’ have no friends or very few companions in their lives, and also can’t seem to keep their marriages or families together. “Why is this America,” if they’re preceived as being such great productive business minded individuals! Why can’t they seem too have control over their own lives and happiness? The mis-conception everyone is missing, they are human beings whom also need support, love, family, compassion and happiness in their lives!   

Another issue everyone is failing to acknowledge, is it doesn’t matter how much income you have, your a human being with a heart and feelings, so it truly doesn’t matter if your wealthy or poor, everyone has the same inner human feelings!

America, it also doesn’t matter if you were born into wealth, inherited wealth, or blessed with great talent, this doesn’t make you better, than a hard-working citizen who worked hard to acquire their own wealth or had to get a secondary education, that’s not ‘Ivy League!’ Please realize everyone is a human being with dreams, aspirations and goals. Many wealthy or educated individuals are quick to judge others, without truly getting to know a individual, before passing judgment! 

The poor, middle-class workers and small business owners, are a very humble class of individuals who respect others, being that they’ve been on both sides of the coin. If you’ve never experienced being at the bottom, How do you truly know how to deal with, or help the middle-class or poor, when you have no idea what they’ve endured, struggled with or need in their lives. You’ll have no clue, realize people are not made up of statistics, they are human beings with real world lives!

As you’ve read there isn’t much of a difference between the wealthy, poor, or middle-class individuals, no matter who you are, where you’ve come from, everyone is a human being with feelings, fears, struggles, that everyone must deal with, in one way or the other throughout their lives! 

This article is written for all the individuals, who like to degrade or pass judgment, when in fact they sometimes need to look into the mirror, and face their own fears impacting there own lives. Every human being has something in their life to deal with, so please think before you speak, and become helpful, instead of hurtful! Also, remember nothing is promised for tomorrow, and everyone is only on this earth one time, so learn to respect thy neighbor!



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