Women of America Health Alert by CABIRI and Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD

Wake up Women of America, your lives depend upon it! We are trying to help & protect all of you!!!!

Health Alert: Many Women Have Been Killed Because Dangerous Cancers of the Uterus and Ovaries Are Being Spread by Gynecologists. Stop MORCELLATION in Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery.


Women of America, CABIRI has previously reported this to all of you back in October of 2013 and months after, which many ‘Women’ never comprehended! Realize this is the reason why CABIRI was started via ‘Social Media’  to start ‘Alerting’ all ‘Women’ about attacks on our Reproductive Health, that is currently occurring in America, which happened to me personally for 2yrs of my life!

Now you’ll see another story from another woman a physician who was ‘Stricken with Cancer’ and her husband, Hooman Noorchashm, M.D., Ph.D. at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, who’s wife has undergone a ‘Cancer’ nightmare! All Women, your daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, and female cousins are at risk! CABIRI, now truly hope’s all of you wake up, or this may be you, or a female family member or friend. This is very important, we are trying to save and protect millions of women in America! So please take heed and listen to what we are telling you! Your life depends upon it!

Please sign and pass along to every Woman you know! This is your life! We must all stand together as Women or prepare to start dying off by our ‘Reproductive Health!’ Please realize it’s all procedure’s, drugs, and devices impacting women, trust us, CABIRI’s founder personally recently underwent through 2yrs. of a ‘Gynecological Nightmare!’ Please watch video by Hooman Noorchashm  and his wife a ‘Cancer Patient Survivor!’

Women of America, and all men who care about there wives, daughters, mothers or sisters, who don’t want ‘Cancer’ we must all rally the Federal Government, to let them know laws have to be changed concerning the Pharmaceutical Industry, Doctors, Healthcare Organizations/Agencies, Scientist, FDA, CDC, NIH whom are impacting the Reproductive Health of all Women in America! Please realize all of these agencies turned a ‘Blind Eye’ to CABIRI’s, owner when called, emailed, and wrote these agencies and many more, all of them basically ignored it and did not respond! So if you care about your life, please help support us, and help us! This is a very serious matter in America, Women please understand, this is no joke! Please go back and read several of CABIR’s articles, or do your own research!



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