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America, in the sad passing of Robin Williams, please take heed to this article previously written by the owner of CABIRI, many overlooked! As American citizens we must learn to protect and support one another!

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America’s Next – Generation are quickly dying off, due to America’s Fast Growing Heroin Epidemic”

Epidemic State’s – New Jersey, Florida, Ohio, California, Michigan, Texas, Arizona, New York, New England, Vermont, Delaware, Virginia, Wisconsin, Las Vegas, Tennessee, Wyoming, Utah, Washington, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Alabama, Georgia, West Virginia, Kentucky, North & South Dakota, Boston, New Mexico, Mississippi, Minnesota, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska, Oregon, Rhode Island! Wow what a list of “America’s Epidemic & Why hasn’t this been addressed more aggressively?

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Seeking Producers/Directors for Documentary & Transitional Treatment Reality Show  

Read Full Story Recovering (Young Adult) Interviews: (Names will not be used for patient privacy)

America, here is another situation unknown, and has to be immediately addressed, which involves many ‘American Young Adults’, “Not Immigrants!” The U.S. Government and millions of American citizens are not taking care of their own country, including many of…

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