White Children vs Black Children

America’s white and black children in the new millineum are friends!


America enough is enough! White parents of America please accept the fact that your sons and daughters are not racist, as many of them were taught to be growing up,”Things have changed.” As, a mother of two men of color who are of mixed culture, including white. It’s quite sad and hurtful to see this still occurring! Why do people of color need to live in fear on a daily basis, mothers and fathers fearing that their sons or daughters will be killed or jailed, all due to the color of their skin. As, a white parent would you want to live in fear on a daily basis, that something may happen to your child, due to the color of their skin. This is not fair and needs to stop in America!

In raising, two boys of color in a predominately white wealthy neighborhood, both of my sons were accepted by many of their white friends, who didn’t look at the color of their skin at all. Raising my boys and always living in upscale white neighborhoods there was no difference. One day my youngest son who was 8yrs. old at the time was out playing, and met one of his still current white friends, whom also was 8. When he arrived back home from playing he stated, mom I met a new friend and he’s white, and we talked about it and we don’t care if I’m black and he’s white, we want to be friends. I thought to myself wow, these two little boys understood racism at a very early age, and acknowledged the fact and spoke about it!  From that day on these two boys now in their 20’s are still friends, and have many other white and black friends, which none of them live in the same area’s and have moved on, although remaining friends. So you see color was never a issue’s for these young men.

It was also funny, due to his white friend being so adamant and truly wanting to be friends with my son, he drove his parents crazy, always wanting my son to play with him on a daily basis. So his parents had no other choice to accept my son as just one of the family, he started going camping, boy scouts, taking family vacations, attending church etc., with them. When we moved away, they planned a family vacation just to visit my son for a week so they could spend time with him they’d missed him dearly.

All of my son’s friends along with myself as being a woman of color, have many white friends male and female, colleague’s, best friends in our lives who do not treat us any different, color has never been a option. In fact, they would get just as upset about racism, and didn’t like the stigma!

Also, many white parents should realize many of your daughters and sons prefer to date another race, from experience as a mother of color, I’ve had to run many white little girls away from my son’s. I treated them no different than a black little girl trying to flirt with my son’s. In fact many of our family members have inter-racial marriages and children. Along with the fact my son’s male and female friends, are white, which they all listen to the same ‘Rap’ music, dress the same, and white boys also wear ‘Hoodies,’ so this is not only privy to boys of color. Realize white little girls are just as “Hotsy Totsy’ as the black little girls, there is no difference!

America, white little girls and women today love men of color, and that’s just the way it is. Also, white males, love women of color, and that’s just the way it is in “Today’s society.” Many white males young and old sometimes hide this, due to the perception of what their white family members or colleague’s will think about them if they date out of their race. Please understand this a ‘New World’ and white’s shouldn’t feel ashamed!

There has been a bad stigma on people of color for decades, when in fact it’s totally untrue! No matter if your light skinned or dark skinned, we aren’t bad people or uneducated. In experience as a ‘Woman of color’ who’d rose to the ranks in the corporate world at the ‘Executive Level’ without a college degree at the time, I’d gained respect and great friendships from many colleague’s all around the world! If race became a problem in the ‘Corporate World’ I’d let them know, guess what we’re the same a “Human Being’ that bleeds red, we are just different colors, and the your color of your skin makes you no better than me, and I’m just as valuable to society, and in the corporate world!

Think about this America, if our children of color are so bad, why do many white boys and girls want to be like them, be there friends, and marry them. It’s funny to see them interacting, they are all just children, just different colors, with different backgrounds. This also goes for adults, many white men love women of color, and want to be with them, although they don’t out of fear of what society would say. This is awful, people should be able to be with, or be friends with anyone they choose, no matter what color they are, were all ‘Human Being’s!’ Slavery, is in the past, and is no more, due to America’s current diversity!

The only age group that see’s color as a problem are some of the ‘Older’ generations who are stuck in the past and do not fully understand, ‘America’s new society of Multi-cultural diversity’s.’ Which is showing ignorance on their part!  America, is no longer just black or white, it’s made up of many nationalities, Asian and Latino being at the top. So why in the world, keep this stigma going. American’s need to understand the fact blacks and white’s are not the only two races in America, and the hatred towards people of color needs to stop.

Lastly, for all the white parents would you want to live in fear everyday that your child may not come home, due to the color their skin. This is hurtful, and very sad, this is your child and you love and care for them, so why would you think a ‘Mother’ of color would feel any different! Please tell your white son’s and dad’s too stop hurting our son’s of color, get to know them before you degrade them or kill them for having been born, with brown skin. There are many bright educated young men of color, give them a chance!

Also, think for a second, what if America, was just made up of only White People, how would America, look?

Thank you reading and supporting CABIRI! Please let’s just ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ no matter what color, were all American Human Beings! 


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