African-American’s Fearful For Their Lives In America

 Citizen of Color Fearful In America Of Being Targeted By Many Authority Figures Who Despise Brown-Skin


Many other human beings with positions of power misconstrue what their real chosen career purpose is supposed to be! In order to become a ‘Police Officer’ you are put through many rigorous tests, exercises and psychological evaluations, training etc. to perform your job, which is to protect and serve the American people who are all human beings.

If you’ve chosen to pursue a law enforcement career your given a Gun, Taser, Billy Club and many other type’s of restraining equipment to subdue another human being. In law enforcement training they’re supposed to be taught logical safe tactics before using any type of ‘Excessive Force!’ Police officers are to first  ‘Rule Out’ the many other techniques and tactics they’ve learned of how to subdue a criminal or non-criminal before firing a gun.

In any given career choice, professional or non-professional your trained to do your job properly, legally and ethically no matter if your a police officer, store owner, lawyer or any other profession of your choice. Many fail to realize no matter how substantial your authority, people are human beings just like any person standing next to you. All human beings bleed red blood and stand up and lay down the same way!  Respect of another human and being and their right to life has gone in America, especially towards people of color!

Citizens of color are increasingly being targeted by white individuals who have some type of fear or hatred against people of color. Why? This is very assasanignin this day and age being that America has become a diverse country of many races, so why in the world are people of color being attacked by white police officers and being treated so unfairly. Also realize America if the tables were turned, and a person of color shot a white individual the person of color would’ve been immediately apprehended and jailed at that time or less than 24 to 48hrs. The suspect will be held in jail until law enforcement figures out whether or not to prosecute or the suspect must wait to go before a judge to post bond or remain in jailed, being denied a bond.

This truly was not the case with the police officer who shot and killed ‘Michael Brown!’  So realize America this is the reasoning behind why people of color are frustrated and upset. Many ‘Men and Women’ of color have experienced this type of immediate arrest, whether guilty or not! Understand they aren’t being unfair, they’ve seen and lived through this type of treatment time and time again and are just tired of it.

In fact there’s been a trend in the past several years against people of color! Which would make any human being feel threatened feeling fearful for themselves their children and families lives in America! Male and Female people of color past and present have been degraded brutally beaten and killed in America, please view for yourselves the below incidents and then ask yourself if you’d feel fearful for your life, or even feel inhuman and less deserving in your own country?

People of Color brutal beatings and death statistics:

February 2012 – Trayvon Martin – 17yrs of age – Killed By George Zimmerman a 29yr. old Neighborhood Watch Captain
Zimmerman Is Acquitted in Trayvon Martin Killing

Homeless Women Beaten by Cop on California Freeway Speaks Out: ‘I Felt Like He Was Trying to Kill Me’

New York man dies after chokehold by police –

Exactly How Often Do Police Shoot Unarmed Black Men? The killing in Ferguson was one of many such cases. Here’s what the data reveals.

Before Ferguson: Deaths of other black men at hands of police –

Local police involved in 400 killings per year –

US black teen ‘shot six times’ by police –

After reviewing articles, please ask yourselves the below questions?
Did you have a choice of what color you were born with?
Ask yourself would you’d be fearful if your race was being beating and killed! If so how would you re-act?
Ask yourself why do White Americans treat you like a ‘Animal’ and feel your not worthy to be part of society?
Ask yourself why do you have to fight or often turned down for Jobs you are just as qualified as any other ‘White Individual?’
Ask yourself, Why are you looked upon and not accepted in a ‘Wealthy White Neighborhood’ if your African-American?
Ask yourself, Why do feel African American Children are non deserving of a great education?
Would you worry about your child every minute, hour of the day if your race was continually being targeted and killed?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of questions this is how ‘African Americans’ live on a daily basis in America! Why is this America? Please realize African-American help build this country from nothing to something. Also realize many African-American women help raise many white children in America, please read this article from ‘History Matters,’ “We Are Literally Slaves”: An Early Twentieth-Century Black Nanny Sets the Record Straight –

America this has to change in our country the ‘Pain’ is hurtful to all citizens of color who are being subjected to this type of treatment in the United State’s! All Americans whether white, black, green or purple are all American Human Being’s and we must overcome, no deserves to live in daily fear! Please stand up and help all American Citizens against unfair, unjust and inhumane treatment!


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