Special Report!! ISIS Members Currently Residing Throughout America

All American Citizens In Grave Danger

America, please realize the International ‘ISIS’ disasters currently occurring in the United States was previously communicated long before all of this occurred! The International crisis in America and was communicated previously to American Citizens, Federal Government, Congressmen, Professionals, Businesses, Tv Stations, News Reporters and many more! CABIRI, was not considered an credible source so many failed to read any of the previous article’s written by CABIRI! All the previous article’s written, you’ll view below outlined the exact nightmares currently occurring in America! CABIRI, effortlessly tried to warn all American Citizens month’s before all of this started occurring! Sadly, ‘No American’ was willing to take the written article’s seriously! Now the ‘Economical Warfare’ has hit American soil and people seemed to be stunned by the fact!

In October 2013 CABIRI, researched America’s Top 10 Pharmaceutical Corporations in the United States. In the research findings there were mounds of information tied to International conspirators in America participating in many conspiracies against the American Government and the America People!These finding were communicated to the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, the GAO and many others. Whom all chose to ignore or acknowledge CABIRI’s research information. In fact America along with the research, CABIRI itself was being targeted by many International conspirators in direct and indirect ways. These ‘Unknown’ International culprits were aware CABIRI was onto their privately planned tactics in the United States!

CABIRI, wanted to alert all ‘America’ of what was occurring behind International scenes so CABIRI, sent a 150pg. ‘Research Document’ to the Federal Government back in 2013 to inform the ‘United States Federal Government’ and to alert American Citizens’ started writing press releases, blogging, and and communicating via ‘Social Media’ trying to help protect the American people and the United States! America please note the international nightmare in America and Globally, stems back to the ‘Bush Administration and the Republicans,’ who’d befriended and collaborated with many international conspirators!

Sadly, the Bush Administration and Republican’s felt these ‘International Conspirators’ had the United State’s best interest at heart! Many international charming business professionals gained the trust of America’s top Government leaders, by which they were only using Republicans for their own international purposes to infiltrate America and learn the schematics of how things work in America’s Federal Government. Which means ‘ISIS’ and their members are in fact very much present in the United States and spread all throughout our 50 states!

Please know many ‘Unknown Non-American Friendly Foreigners’ became American Citizens by the EB-5 Visa Bill, where they were allowed business access to the United States Economical Markets and U.S.Visa’s! This bill was put into place by the ‘Bush Administration’ and consisted of the following; The EB-5 visa for Immigrant Investors is a United States visa created by the Immigration Act of 1990 – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EB-5_visa! If you view the details of this Visa bill you’ll see how many International conspirators were able to infiltrate into America and gain access to many of United State’s businesses and gain permanent visa statuses bringing their family and friends, for one purpose only to take control and harm America and all American Citizens!

Americas Republican party fell for the international culprits hidden corruption! The international conspirators gave the Republican party large financial donations, which has now impacted the United States by their ‘Greed, Power and Control Issue’s! Which of course was all a tactic they knew the republican party was a money hungry Congressional party and used it to their advantage. Many of these new International Corporations and Business owners are part of the ‘ALEC’ organization, which is led by Republicans in the majority of Americas 50 states and have many international donors!

Also realize Europeans, Middle-Easterners, Russians, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, India, China and many other international countries have a very strong ‘Economical’ presence in the United States, which isn’t good for the American people and has now caught up with the United States. CABIRI, communicated a few month’s back via ‘Twitter’ where ‘Foreign American Business Owners’ were practicing the religion of ‘Curan’ in the United States! Would this not raise any type of suspicion to any American, this religion is evil and does not coincide with American value’s! CABIRI, also reported Americas cruise lines and pharmaceutical industry are also foreign owned and no one listened!

Another instance to be known previously reported by CABIRI, was where many of these International country members were trying to recruit American men and women via ‘Craigslist and Social Media Sites!’ All of these findings were reported to many ‘Top Government Officials’ and ‘Top organizations’ and Congressmen and all failed to listen or acknowledge, stating they were unaware and unable to do anything about it! Although many of these International countries have American business ownership in Food, Oil, Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical, Bio-Technology, Agriculture, Automotive, Real-Estate, Technology and many more industries.

America this has been so frustrating and upsetting! Now every ‘American Citizen’ is in danger, due to these ‘International Culprits’ currently residing in the United States! It’s even more disturbing no one knows or has any idea, “WHO they are and WHEN they will attack our families or businesses” without warning! The American Government must of known this was going to occur, due to the sudden current ‘Military Style Law Enforcement and Machinery’ that’s now in place throughout America!

America, please ‘Be Aware’ and read below article’s proving all of this was reported to you and your families month’s ago! CABIRI, has the information reported to the ‘Federal Government’ about the International conspiracies in America and will continue to report any ‘Suspicious Findings’ which may impact all American Citizens helping to protect you and your families in the United States! We must all learn to support and protect one another when it comes down to it, we are all American Citizens of the United States!

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Please Be Safe And Stay Alert America! ISIS is living Among Us All!


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