Health Alert: International Noble Peace Prize Disease Makers – Killing Off the American Population

 America, this article was written last year, there was a listing of “International Nobel Peace Prize Scientist” names who came up with these diseases you’ll view below. Strangely, the names have disappeared from my blog written previously. …And unfortunately I didn’t save the names on my computer. Although, fortunately the Nobel Peace Prize Scientist names are still available for all interested parties, just subscribe to CABIRI and I’ll be happy to send you the names which apparently, someone doesn’t want publicly known.
CABIRI, Prior Article Published August 2014;
Do we know diseases are really “Man Made,” and not just from animals as portrayed!
Here’s a listing of more International Discoveries where Nobel Peace Prizes were given to International Scientist! This should be very disturbing to all American Citizens! Foreign Companies want and are releasing Toxic chemical and Deadly Diseases, and Drugs into ‘ America’s Residential Neighborhoods throughout the United States. Are American’s that closed minded they do not see this unfolding in their own neigborhoods?

Please see Alarming links below: How Foreign Owned Corporations and International Pharmaceutical Corporations, and Doctors are using “America and the American people,” as “Science Projects” and “Human Guinea Pigs!” You’ll view below Clinical Trial websites and Ad’s of “How to be a ‘Human Guinea Pig’ and get paid for it. You can also view the names of all “Top Pharmaceutical Corporations, Clinics, Groups and Organizations,” leading these ‘Human Trials’ on a Volunteer basis in the United States, and all over the world.

As an American citizens we all need to question if ‘No One’ or not enough Volunteers sign up, then how does these multitude’s of clinical trials get done?  Who, and What are they using as experiments, for their new drugs, products or procedures. My Goodness, China brought ‘Flakka’ into the U.S. now the British want to ‘Unleash Diseased Fake Mosquitoes in America! Are you kidding me! What in the world is going on?

 Human Volunteers Wanted:    &

America the following diseases were discovered and created between “1888 – 1985”

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                                  Diseases Discovered ‘Post Civil War’ – Via International Scienctist

Discovered the mechanism of action of Corynebacterium diptheriae and how to treat diphtheria with antioxins

Discovered pathogen of bubonic plague

Role of the flea in the transmission of plague

Discovered how to culture tuberculosis bacllus

Researched protozones as disease agents (malaria hematozoon discovery)

Discovered poliomyelitis is due to filterable virus

Discovered bacteriophage a virus spread only inside bacteria

Discovered on immunity in implication of antibodies and the mechanisms of action of complement

Discovered typhus is transmitted through the role of louse

Developed first vaccine for yellow fever

Discovered the existence of proviruses

Developed first antipolio vaccines

Isolated the first receptor to a neurotransmitter – acetylcholine receptor

Discovered 2 HIV viruses that causes AIDS in 1983 & 1985

Discovered antitoxins on synthetic antihistamines and curarizing compounds

2 Scienctist shared the Nobel Prize for regulation of viruses

Discovered vaccine against hepatitis B

Discovered the etiology of gas gangrene and created a vaccine for each one of the anaerobes associated with it

Created a grenade based on chloropicrin and Forneau and discovered the chemical reaction that led to the formation of methylarsine chloride whose effects were worse than ones of other poisonous gases

Discovered endotoxins that are contained in the germ’s body and are freed after its death.

America this should be a serious problem and a concern for All Naturalized American born Citizens! The Federal Government is allowing the ‘FDA’ to even consider such attacks against the “Human Population” of the United States. This is a direct possible ‘Deadly Hit’ to all American Citizens and their children! The disturbing part about this is many of these countries are “United States Top Pharmaceutical Corporations” supplying drugs, devices and procedures to all American Citizens! Please be aware of this.

All American Citizens need to worry, and demand a investigation into Americas Entire Healthcare, Housing, Food and Chemical Industries, all of which are impacting American families!


It’s also strange that in a published article by the National Geographic ‘Jamestown The Real Story’ the article “America, Found and Lost.” By Mary Dobson a Medical Historian, and Charles Mann in May of 2002, The article published explains in the 1640’s the same type of ‘Mosquito occurrence, happened in ‘Jamestown, VA’ by the English who unleashed ‘Diseased Mosquitoes,’ and in return it triggered a Severe ‘Out Break’ of Malaria on the people of Jamestown, VA!

America realize it or not there’s is a foreign ‘Invasion’ in our country, which has and currently is impacting the entire United States, it’s time to ‘Wake up’ and Let’s join together to protect one another it’s ‘Really Getting Serious.’ We are losing America FAST!!!!!! Not sure what else it’s going to take? It’s very dis-heartening to know were losing our country and the American people won’t stand up to help!


Millions of GMO Mosquitoes to be released in Florida Keys By British Company – Seeks FDA Approval

FDA could set millions of genetically modified mosquitoes loose in Florida Keys – Also See Craigslist For Additional Clinical Trial Ads


Additional “Need To Know Research Information Concerning Diseased Mosquitoes”

Operation Drop Kick was a 1956 U.S. entomological warfare field testing program that modified and deployed the yellow fever mosquito. The goal of the project was to use the mosquito to carry and release a biological warfare agent. The concept was simply to drop a large collection of diseased mosquitoes over a populated area. Operation Drop Kick included a 1956 test in Savannah, Georgia, where uninfected mosquitoes were released in a residential neighborhood, and another 1956 test in Avon Park, Florida, where 600,000 diseased mosquitoes were released on the city.

Between the years 1956-1957, several U.S. Army biological warfare experiments were conducted in the city of Avon Park. In the experiments, Army biological weapon researchers released millions of mosquitoes on the town in order to see if the insects would spread yellow fever and dengue fever. The residents of Avon Park were not notified of the deadly experiments. Hundreds of residents contracted a wide array of illnesses, including fevers, respiratory problems, stillbirths, encephalitis and typhoid. Army researchers pretended to be public health workers, so that they could photograph and perform medical tests on the victims. Several people died as a result of the program.

The experiments in Avon Park were concentrated in low-income neighborhoods, in areas that were predominantly black with newly constructed housing projects. In 1978, a Pentagon document titled, Biological Warfare: Secret Testing & Volunteers revealed that similar experiments were conducted in Key West, Florida. Many people have raised the question of why the U.S. government was playing around with the Dengue fever virus. Dengue fever is an infectious disease that causes a number of symptoms, including severe headaches, a petechial rash and muscle and joint pains. In a small proportion the disease progresses to life-threatening complications. Since the middle of the 1950s, the rates of Dengue fever infection have increased dramatically, with approximately 50-100 million people being infected yearly. The disease has become a global epidemic in more than 110 countries with 2.5 billion people living in areas where it is prevalent.

In 2009, the British biotechnology giant Oxitec announced that they had developed a genetically-modified (GM) mosquito (OX513A) that, apart from a specific chemical antibiotic, is unable to successfully repopulate. After intense media scrutiny, the company gave a statement which indicated that the GM mosquitoes may help fight the spread of dengue fever by reducing or eliminating the wild mosquito population. In 2009, Oxitec released millions of the OX513A test mosquitoes over the Cayman Islands. Many people have questioned the decision to fight the spread of Dengue fever by using more infected mosquitoes. Nobody knows for sure what will happen when the new GM mosquitoes interact with animals and human life, or how the mosquitoes altered genes will disrupt the environment. These are facts ‘Unknown’ to the American people, and the ‘Unleashing’ of any type of species, chemicals, or toxins should be forbidden throughout the United States!

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