U.S. School Aged Children Afraid Of ISIS Threats

America, What do you tell young school-aged adults who are researching, watching, monitoring ISIS and are Afraid!

Palestinian Muslims are preparing to celebrate Eid al-Fitr holiday

A young school -aged gentleman who formed his own political organization, recently called the owner of CABIRI to voice  his organizations young adult members concerns about the current ‘ISIS Threat in the United States!’ The young man communicated they’ve found ‘ ISIS Sleeper Cells and Intel’ based in numerous major cities throughout the United States. Major States such as New York, Florida, Washington, California are a few area’s of concern, although they’re everywhere within the United States currently plotting their attack. CABIRI, found out from the young adults this is a major concern for not only adults also American children are now involved and scared.

The disturbing part about all of this situation, What do American Parents comunicate to their children, whom are afraid of the ISIS attacks in their country. This is very alarming American born children are conducting there own research  communicating their knowledge, about how it’s been decades since the United States has been attacked. America if this doesn’t touch your heart as a American Citizen parent then something is wrong! Our young adult school-aged children in the United States are currently frightened about the ISIS Threat! What are U.S. parents to tell them?

The young school-aged adults commented to CABIRI, they found out ISIS attacks in the U.S. are to begin at the end of the year. Then they asked, why isn’t OBAMA reacting and do something when such a serious problem exists in the United States.These American young adults are coming up with their own tactics to try and help if something does happen to them while they are in school or out and about.

CABIRI, was at a total loss of words when this phone call came in on a holiday. The young adult stated their organization would be personally calling the ‘Department of Defense’ and the ‘FBI’ to ask them why aren’t they doing anything knowing there are ‘ ISIS Sleeper Cells’ in the United States. This is very disturbing and concerning parents can’t tell their children what’s going to happen in the United States concerning ISIS. The young adult organization leader communciated, they now don’t trust the border crisis and the recent influx of immigrant children into the United States may be a set up, due to fact ‘ISIS’ trains children at a very young age. Now these young adults children are concerned the terrorist children may be residing in the United States and attending school with them.

America the sad part is today is a holiday and children should be out enjoying themselves, not thinking about a Terror Attack against their country. Something has to be done ‘NOW,’ American children have become involved performing their own research and are very afraid of being attacked, asking adults what’s going to happen, and no one has any answers for them.

All U.S. parents with children be aware of this conversation coming home from school. Be prepared to explain to your children the United States has evil citizens residing in our country, and it’s a huge possibility they may attack our country at any given moment. No adult in America wants to have such a conversation with their child knowing they can’t protect them from harm and be with them 24/7. Please realize this problem America there are young educated adults who’ve done their own research and very concerned about the ‘ISIS attacks’ that may possibly happen at their schools, events, bus rides home,etc., What are they supposed to do? What are parents to tell their children when they come home from school asking ISIS questions? How in the world do you answer those questions? America these are innocent school-aged children now afraid in their own country and are crying out to help and get answers!

Please, Please help CABIRI, spread the word to Congress, OBAMA, and all News Media! Someone needs to react and secure the United States for our American children sakes who are currenlty ‘Frightened’ and discussing the ISIS attacks among their peers. If American Citizens don’t stand up and react please know your children aren’t protected, when they leave you! This is not the time to walk around carefree in America and stay in our ‘Bubble World’s’ it’s time for all of us to react and start protecting ‘American Children’ whom are afraid of a ‘ISIS Terror Attack In America!’

Please sign petition and tell OBAMA to help protect our American Children and families! https://www.change.org/p/president-barack-obama-protect-american-children-from-isis-threats-u-s-school-aged-children-afraid-of-isis-threats


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