Obama’s ‘core coalition’ won’t defeat ISIS ‘monster’ without Mideast nations


But Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute cautions against the U.S. coordinating with Iran. “Some diplomats might say because the United States and Iran have a mutual interest in seeing ISIS defeated, we should work together. That’s like saying because arsonists and firefighters both have an interest in fires, they should work together,” Rubin says. “Iran seeks not to defeat terrorism, but swap one flavor for another.”


“The Syrian regime, backed by Iran, allowed ISIS to proliferate so that they could present the U.S. and Europe with a ‘devil you know’ choice” — pushing against U.S. calls for al-Assad’s ouster amid the nation’s bloody civil war, argues Rebecca Abou-Chedid of the Truman Project. “Each of the actors in the region has some kind of responsibility for the position we are in now,” she adds. “Ironically, each of those players, Iran included, is looking to the U.S. to fight the monster they created.”