UN Committee on Racial Discrimination in US makes voter law recommendations

UN Committee on Racial Discrimination in US makes voter law recommendations:

New World Government tuning in on U.S. broken systems!

The Committee recommends that the State party take effective measures to:

(a) Enforce federal voting rights law throughout the State party in ways that
encourage voter participation, and adopt federal legislation to prevent the
implementation of voting regulations which have discriminatory impact in light of the
Shelby County v. Holder decision;

(b) Ensure that indigenous peoples can effectively exercise their right to vote
and address their specific concerns;

(c) Ensure that all states reinstate voting rights to persons convicted of
felony who have completed their sentences, provide inmates with information about
their voting restoration options, and review automatic denial of the right to vote to
imprisoned felons regardless of the nature of the offense; and

(d) Provide for the full voting rights of residents of Washington, D.C.


Last chance to sign: Tell Congress to save the Voting Rights Act – https://dailykos.com/campaigns/938