American citizens are science projects

Merck’s Frazier disses tax inversion strategy, at least for Merck

Frazier pointed to last week’s FDA approval of Merck’s ($MRK) breakthrough melanoma drug Keytruda as an example of what he means. Merck originally planned to submit it for approval in 2019 but was able to get the cancer drug to market in 2014, just three and a half years after the first patient dose.Those kinds of things require that your scientists, your commercial people, be able to work together and understand what the plan is for tomorrow, 5 years and 10 years from now,” Frazier said.

America how can they factually know if a cancer or any other drug is safe for human consumption, if it’s only been tested for only a 3 1/2yr. period of time?  Anything can go wrong past a 3 1/2yr period of time! Why is Americas Food and Drug Administration approving drugs, that have minimal facts concerning the long term impacts of a particular drug and/or device? This type of behavior is putting American Citizens lives at risk! The FDA leadership approving the drugs should be examined if they think it’s alright to put any 3 1/2 risky drug, let alone a cancer drug out onto the market!

The entire ‘ International Healthcare Industry’ in America is broken and risking the lives of millions of U.S. citizens. The Healthcare Industry professionals, hospitals, doctors, and Big pharma corporations business practices clearly need addressed, if they deem it fit to ‘Not question the long term impacts of a drug and/or device before putting it onto the market for human consumption!