New Trend: Sterilization of men to prevent pregnancy

Why are women being attacked

There seems to be continuous attacks against women reproductive health! All the blame of reproducing and repopulating the world falls upon women. Why does society feel it necessary to attack women and their bodies, when men are just as responsible.

Double Standard

This is clearly a double standard that has fallen upon women! So why isn’t the world not recognizing men are part of the problem also? Men produce “Sperm” to impregnate women, “So why isn’t there a form of sterilization for men?” Are men immune from drugs or procedures in helping prevent pregnancy?

Abortions – Men Vs Women Reproductive Health

A woman is a human being with a body! Which is her property to do as she wants! So why do other human beings feel it necessary to tell a woman, what she can and can not do with her body! Why isn’t this the same for men, are they protected and if so by whom?

Why doesn’t the same apply for men? Are there any Men’s rights, religious groups or any other organizations; telling men what they can and can not do with their bodies. Why aren’t men’s reproductive organs being severely attacked like women, are they considered obsolete in reproducing, surely not!

Common Sense: Women can not reproduce without a male? So why are women being sterilized, infected with disease, and being given toxic birth control pills and devices? Where does the male species fit into this equation? It does take two?

Men Rule The World Including Women’s Reproductive Health:

Everyone should know men make up the majority of ‘Corporate and Government leadership in the World; so common sense says; Men are gambling and becoming wealthy off of Women’s Reproductive drugs, products, health, and procedures. Male leaders have been given the “Power” to make decisions and pass laws concerning a woman’s body! Why?

How did this happen? This seems to be another slick form of control by men of the world, to continue keeping women suppressed and under there control! Why is everyone allowing men to have such control, they have no clue about a woman’s body, and what they need or require! In fact men squirm at the thought of birth, cramps and blood!

Women are not put on earth just to populate, they are here to help develop and change the world! My gosh, didn’t women birth and raise men of the world! So why are they continually trying to harm the same bodies that brought them into the world? The only reasoning would be money and control!

Stand Up American Women & Men Who May Understand

Tell Government Leaders, Healthcare Professionals, Supreme Court officials to start holding men accountable for impregnating and impacting women’s Reproductive Health! It takes a male and female to tango, so it should be directed both ways, not one sided!

There are many women in the U.S. being severely impacted and being overlooked? Why is that? This questions the credibility of many Women’s Health organizations who are supposed to be there to protect women! Why aren’t U.S. Women being helped? 

Women must stand up and demand stricter laws on “Women’s Reproductive Health” that’s being driven by the male population!

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