Possible deadly moths & mosquito’s being released in the U.S.

Why are diseases suddenly spreading – Who is responsible?

Wow, what next in the U.S.: Deadly Viruses, Toxic Meat/Food, Toxic Drugs/Products, Water Contamination, Toxic pesticides, – If this isn’t a wake up call for all U.S. citizens to realize something mysterious is occurring behind the scenes!

We must all protect our U.S. families and demand protection from international travelers, and their families coming into America that could possibly be carrying a deadly disease or virus!

Disease Prevention

To help minimize the spreading of disease – It makes logical sense to require a “Health Check” incubation period for international travelers coming to America. It may sound painful although, it should be required to prevent the spread of disease, helping save lives all across the world.

First GMO Mosquitoes: Now Oxitec Wants to Release GMO Moths in New York