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Wow, Americas Big Pharma leaders giving back to U.S. citizens. This proves the world is changing! We now have a country who believes in education equality for all that’s a major step for Germany! Although, tuition is free Germany economy will be stimulated by all the newcomers seeking a free ivy league education. Which will also bring U.S. and International families.

HMMMMM! Very Interesting, this may not be good for the United States! Germany has opened the education door, for many parents who’ll jump at the chance to not have to pay tuition, currently putting millions of U.S. individuals and families in debt.

Germany’s actions could impact the United States severely! I bet the United States never thought another international country would reach out to U.S. citizens and offer them free education. Now what’s going to happen to the U.S. Department of Education if all U.S. children go to Germany to take advantage of free tuition?

Apparently, Germany’s free education for all is a hint to the United States Government, they maybe don’t agree with America’s educational standards and fee’s! Which has prevented many citizens from receiving a quality college education due to their families being poor or middle-class and unable to attend college.

This is a very smart maneuver on Germany’s part to open up it’s country doors. This will help develop Germany which will become a diversified country

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Germany offers free college tuition to U.S. and international students

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