Protect Social Security

Social Security was intended to provide certainty to seniors. People call it a safety net because that’s part of what it does — Social Security’s guaranteed benefits act as an income floor below which we, as a nation, have chosen not to let anyone fall.

Well, the Republicans don’t necessarily see it that way. They’ll hedge their bets and say that they only want to cut Social Security later — not for today’s seniors, just for the younger generations who are currently paying into Social Security.

A broken promise is a broken promise no matter how you spin it. Republicans’ plans to cut, privatize, or otherwise mess with Social Security for seniors and disabled workers are fundamentally wrong — if you agree, please sign our petition.

The only real threat to Social Security is Republicans’ election-year political games. They’ve been after Social Security for a long, long time.

Show your support for Social Security. Sign the petition.

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