$19.9 MILLION for shady GOP attack ads — help us fight back

“Billionaires are rushing to the aid of Republicans in the homestretch of the 2014 elections with amassive Super PAC infusion after a plea from big money mastermind Karl Rove.” — Huffington Post, October 23

Democracy for america – Jim Dean

Karl Rove has been freaking out about how close polling is in key Senate races — so he wrote a Wall Street Journal editorial begging billionaires to put more skin in the game. And did they ever.

The Huffington Post reports that — in response to Rove’s plea — 21 billionaires and their families have poured $19.9 million into shady Super PACs in a last-minute attempt to buy control of the Senate.

This is the 1% at their worst. Ever since the Citizens United ruling shocked the nation, billionaires have been subverting our democracy — but we’ve never seen anything like this.

We can’t let Karl Rove and his band of Tea Party billionaires buy the Senate — but we only have ONE WEEKleft until Election Day to stop them.

Democracy for America urgently needs your help in the next 36 hours to get out the vote and save the Senate. If thousands of DFA members step up today, we can win. Can you chip in $3 right now?

These Republican billionaires know how much is at stake in these key Senate races. More than anything, they want to give Mitch McConnell and the GOP the power to hold President Obama’s judicial nominees hostage, shut down the government at will — and maybe even impeach President Obama.

But here is what those billionaires DON’T know: Close races aren’t won with sketchy attack ads. They’re won in the field.

We’ve been helping our Dean Dozen candidates build real grassroots campaigns for months now. DFA members are out right now knocking doors and winning over voters in states like Iowa and South Dakota. And every single day from now until the election, our volunteers will be making tens of thousands of calls through DFA Dialer to make sure targeted Democrats in key states get out and vote.

You can prove that big money is no match for the grassroots — and make sure Karl Rove and those billionaires have the WORST NIGHT EVER next Tuesday. Donate $3 NOW so we have the resources we need to get out the vote and put our Dean Dozen candidates over the top.

Thank you so much for your support. Together, we can shock the 1% and WIN THIS THING.

– Jim

Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America

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