Urgent Alert!!! U.S. FDA Stop Killing & Impacting Women

Women of America, please read below about how our good ole U.S. FDA is failing to ensure the safety of medical-devices and/or drugs for all women. Please read attached ‘PDF’ from Dr. Hooman Noorchashm who’s been fighting to save his wife life.

Please read:  Nov 2, 2014 — Today, 11/1/14, I was informed by a reliable source that the FDA does not intend to ban power morcellators: Upcoming Failure at the United States Food and Drug Administration

 Millions of U.S. women are being stricken with cancer and other unexplained illnesses and diseases. If Margaret Hamburg or any other Healthcare organization, agency, professional, doesn’t care if “Women” are dying, then it’s time for a FDA overhaul! All of these agencies need to be thoroughly investigated and re-vamped with people who care if a human being lives or dies!

These so-called professional other human beings can not continue to approve drugs and products that are killing women, men and children, lives are not to be played with although this is exactly what’s occurring in the United States Healthcare Industry.

The FDA, CDC, NIH are all responsible Government healthcare agencies that are allowing deaths to occur and it doesn’t matter if your young, old, rich, or poor you will be targeted if you go to any hospital, doctor, or pharmacy, and this is if you can get any medical insurance which is another disaster! Why can’t American Citizens receive proper medical insurance  safe products, procedures and drugs?

These agencies have shown “time and time again,” they truly don’t care if women are dying becoming diseased and getting their internal organs removed! Maybe since it’s not one of their family members they truly don’t care if you die or your medically homeless and uninsured due to the screwed up deadly U.S. Healthcare system and their pharmaceutical and professional accomplices.

Please be mindful the Republicans and their U.S. Internationally based corporate friends control the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry! Republicans control drugs, procedures, medical-devices, and costs on the state level!

This is your formal warning women of America! Please take heed don’t become a victim, we are pulling together to help protect women’s health, safety, and well-being!

Recent, healthcare victims such as, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm’s wife and myself have been advocating for the past several years concerning the dangers, failures, and deaths that have stricken U.S. women via Reproductive Health!  It seems none of these agencies will acknowledge the millions of complaints and deaths, just as they did at the V.A , its all a cover-up, which leads to money, power and greed, if your in the way you die! Think about this article when you go vote Women of America!!


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