Prepare For Destruction

On 7 November 2014, shortly after midterm elections in the U.S., the Detroit Free Press published Canadian Richard Brunt’s open letter to American voters, a missive that quickly went viral on the Internet: 


Canada not happy with U.S. election outcome! Hmmm!!!! 

All Americans must prepare to fight for every thing you own, will own or will ever own, including your freedom 

Middle-class and poor Americans – Should start seeking out affordable shelters for your families

Women of America –  Should start wearing veils over their faces and wearing all black women will have no rights at all! 

Women must learn to bow down to male authority – Women are considered worthless to republicans

Women must learn to raise their families on minimum wage 

Expect International corporations to control U.S. costs 

For all business owners start building international relationships for the New world order