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America with our new 2014 Republican U.S. Senate control, it’s vitally important now more than ever for everyone to keep updated on who’s doing what legislatively. Below you’ll find a important helpful website that tracks legislation within the United States.

The U.S. Congress and Federal Legislation –
Track bills in Congress, your representative’s voting records, upcoming committee meetings, and get alerts by email.

Use GovTrack to research and track legislation in the United States Congress, including Members of Congress, bills and resolutions, voting records, and committee activity.

Members of Congress – Track Members of Congress to be alerted when they introduce new bills or vote.

Bills & Resolutions – Track bills by subject or keyword to be alerted when legislation you are interested in is introduced or moves through the House and Senate.

Voting Records – Track votes to be alerted after every vote in Congress.

You can also track by state which is a very convenient tool.

Please stay updated on what legislative leaders are doing in your state!

All decisions made impact you and your family so please stay posted! This will also give you the opportunity to voice your opinions to legislative leaders ahead of time.

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