Why Hasn’t A Surgeon General Been Appointed In U.S.

Who’s Really Protecting United State’s Citizens Public Health

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The Surgeon General of the United States is the nation’s leading spokesman on matters of public health.

Yes, Obama citizens need healthcare insurance, although if citizens don’t have proper Healthcare leadership how’s this going to work? The track records of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry and ‘Faith’ in doctors, treatments, drugs, and procedures the past several years in the U.S., has been at a ‘Zero’ and has caused millions of deaths!

America, one major Healthcare Industry problem that’s contributed to America’s healthcare corruption, is the fact there hasn’t been a substantial  “Surgeon General in place to protect the American people of the United States. I remember growing up and watching TV and seeing “Health Warnings” by the Surgeon General. In this day and age we have none, and then you never see or hear from them! So who’s protecting the American population!

RADM Lushniak served as Deputy Surgeon General from November 2010, until July 17, 2013, when he assumed the duties of Acting Surgeon General. – How has the acting Attorney General protected the American people. 

Rear Admiral (RADM) Boris D. Lushniak, M.D., M.P.H., is the Acting United States Surgeon General. RADM Lushniak articulates the best available scientific information to the public regarding ways to improve personal health and the health of the nation. He also oversees the operations of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps, comprising of approximately 6,800 uniformed health officers who serve in locations around the world to promote, protect, and advance the health and safety of our nation.


The U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is an elite team of more than (6,800) full-time, well-trained, highly qualified public health professionals dedicated to delivering the nation’s public health promotion and disease prevention programs and advancing public health science! If no Surgeon General in place who’s directing this team? This team is open for interpretation when the United States Healthcare industry is in shambles!

Previous Attorney General – July 2009 – 2013 

Regina M. Benjamin, M.D., M.B.A., was appointed by President Barack Obama as the 18th United States Surgeon General in July, 2009 and served a four-year term. Dr. Benjamin also oversaw the operational command of (6,700) uniformed public health officers who serve in locations around the world to promote, and protect the health of the American People. http://www.surgeongeneral.gov/about/previous/biobenjamin.html –

The United States Healthcare Industry is going take a American and International Army of healthcare professionals, agencies, administrators, organizations all across the continent, due the ‘New Integrated Global Healthcare Industry’ for all human beings!  Currently the United States Big Pharma industry is controlled by ‘International’ corporations, state lobbyist their leaders and board members!  Which may be a huge hurdle to cross for the next appointed, “United States World Surgeon General” who’ll oversee; not only the health and safety of the American people, also the world. Which is going to be a major task.

America, is connected internationally whether society realizes it or not! International business relationships are inevitable with the “New World” order in the works. The rest of the world leaders are making adjustments where necessary to grow, change and develop the world for a brighter future for all human beings. Although many international countries and their families are now doing business in America, via U.S. taxpayer’s money, helping boost other countries economy’s!

Well America if this keeps up and “Foreign Country’s” continue accumulating massive profits over 10, 20, 30 year periods of time this will definitely change the direction of the United States!

Thanks To the NRA, The US Has No Surgeon General Overseeing the Ebola Threat! Way To Go NRA! http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/thanks-to-the-nra-the-us-has-no-surgeon-general-overseeing-the-ebola-threat-way-to-go-nra/question-4544059/