Should you take your doctors advice at face value

Do your own medical research it may save your life


Women’s lives are being severely impacted by questionable practices in the U.S. Healthcare Industry! Of course, as usual the powers at be are allowing it to happen. If your life has been impacted medically, and you call any Federal, State or local healthcare agency all you will hear is, “Oh were sorry, that happened to you! Or they will run you around from Federal, down to the State level, which in return will refer you to the local level. “All is a waste of time” you will get no where. This means if you are a U.S. citizen and have paid taxes over 30yrs. it doesn’t mean a thing in America. You are on are own people you will get no help or sympathy. So the next best thing is to stand up for yourself and others, to alert them of what’s occurring in the U.S. healthcare industry.


In my personal experience, 14 hospitals and hundreds of doctors surprisingly never saw my type of Reproductive Health issue’s, which is scary in this day and age! I live daily with life-threatening undiagnosed medical problems all due to a medical-device the FDA approved as being safe for the human body. My internal organs were attacked, and not one doctor could figure out why I’ve been medically ill for the past 3yrs., or what’s has caused my problems. So please do your own research you may be able to solve your own medical problems! Please do not always take “Medical Professionals” advice at face value. It may cost your life, be mindful money is powerful!

The FDA, U.S. International Big Pharma Leaders, Physicians, Lawyers, and the U.S. Supreme Court should be held accountable for causing deaths, impacting bodily organs which could cause a death or alter a life, forcing a human being to live with reoccurring medical problems. How can we allow other human beings with a “job” impact our lives and allow them to get away with it? A professional status in a “Job Title” does not give you the right to, “Kill innocent people!”

All lives must be protected against “Questionable” Drugs, Products, Procedures, and other people killing and impacting human lives. How can the FDA have the audacity to say “OOPS” we made a mistake and were sorry, we overlooked some things and we shouldn’t approved this product! Are you kidding me, these are other human beings with jobs at a Federal Agency’s who are supposed to be professional and ensure the safety of all U.S. citizens. We all have our lives in these people hands. Shouldn’t they be more careful?

“In my instance,” myself and a colleague Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, wife who has stage 4 cancer, our lives have been turned upside down, due to “Questionable” medical devices and practices approved by International Big Pharma leaders & their U.S. FDA friends. CABIRI,  was formed due to the impact the health industry has had on my life.  I’ve been researching and advocating for 3 years my life matters and I won’t allow the FDA or Doctors to kill me or the next human being. It’s our “Right To Life” and I refuse to allow them to take that away from people. We are only on earth one time! Hopefully, our the appointed Surgeon General will help change things in the U.S. Healthcare industry. 


Finally, after numerous complaints of “Republicans” blocking crucial Federal appointee’s, such as the U.S. Surgeon General, we now have one a great victory for U.S. citizens. Although, let’s hope the new “Surgeon General” will be dedicated to saving human lives. It would also be interesting to know, if the new U.S. Surgeon General “Home country” owns one of the ‘Top 10 Pharmaceutical Corporations in America’ this would be quiet contradictory, although currently the U.S. is now collaborating openly with other international countries in healthcare research. This also could be the reasoning behind the abundance of, “clinical trial studies” popping up all over the place. Do U.S. citizens really want to be used as “Medical Experiments” for man made drugs, products, and procedures?

Regardless of all the above factors there’s lots of work to do pertaining to the U.S. healthcare industry and everything involved with the industry. Obamacare, is just the start of fixing what’s broken, now it’s time to work on the healthcare industry itself, which needs a complete over-haul. The direct problems we are facing are associated with greed, money, power and broken policies and procedures, it’s not about saving human lives.

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