Health Alert Update! Proof International Big Pharma Killing American Citizens

America, please read the below article it’s imperative to you and your family’s health and life!


Many of us have been trying to warn all American Citizens of what’s been occurring behind closed doors in American Healthcare Industry that’s costing human lives! The Federal Government,State and Local Congressmen and their agencies are allowing Americas “International Big Pharma Corporations,” to continually impact lives. See for yourself how lives our being impacted.

As the owner of CABIRI, I started seeking out my own healthcare industry answers, calling, emailing, and researching! I’ve been fighting the past 3yrs. to find my own answers of What, How, Who, Where and Why, I suddenly became medically deathly ill,  undiagnosed, and homeless. Again, as I’ve stressed time and time and agian in my articles, after 6 surgeries and 14 hospitals no “Doctor or Hospital” could seem to tell me how or why I had a “Foreign object” in my body that attacked my internal organs.

“America, for you and your family’s sake,” I suggest if you don’t want to be in this predicament, please read the below articles to save your own life! “This is No Joke,” and is “Very Real!” We are not wasting our time or breath, such as myself! There’s truth behind these, “published healthcare alert articles,” you must be aware of, and please realize although I’m dealing with my own medical issue’s, I’ve found the time to alert the public via my social media startup, about the dangers looming in Americas healthcare industry that can cost you your life.

In finding hidden under-handed business patterns and practices, my research also branches out into other market industry’s. I now have vast knowledge of, “who they are, what  they are doing, and how they are doing it,” so it’s fairly easy for me to pick up on their sneaky trends. Although, it’s frustrating to know information and can’t do anything about it, and if you tell your leaders about it they just ignore you like you don’t exist!  In fact I’m 99% sure my free market research, website, blogs and published articles has helped the “Obama Administration” and many other agencies, organizations and the American people.  The disturbing patterns in my research was sent directly to the “White House” so “Mr. Obama” and his team could review too protect our country.

America, when human lives are in danger you must “Speak Up,” if not how are you human? If you don’t speak up, and you know you could of saved a life, how can you live with yourself knowing this?!” So those of you that know about any of this, please don’t be bashful, and speak up!  We have to protect one another, especially women, we are being attacked on all levels including your baby’s, so please be aware of medical devices, products, procedures, etc., keep yourself updated at all times.

Please read below article by -Hooman Noorchashm, M.D., Ph.D. and Amy Reed, M.D., Ph.D.

When the law fails

View personal story of owner of CABIRI, then ask yourselves what would you do?


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