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Hello Fellow Americans,


Can I get your support – For Your Country & U.S. Families Sake!  

I want to ask for support with something, but before I do, let me introduce myself! I know I’ve been hiding in the dark, behind my business CABIRI, for several years and many want to know, who I am!

My name is Candance, the Founder of “CABIRI” I wan to say “Thank you to all my current “Global Supporters!” I’m so happy, my work is helping make changes in the United States for all American Families and the “Next-Generation of Children who need our help! Before United States gets any worse than it already is I decided to release my internal fears and help my country, being that I’m a Natural “Truth Seeker, and Problem solver! Due to a personal nightmare, I found somethings researching that will kill the “American Dream and U.S. for that matter!”

My background is Finance, although throughout my life people always considered me to be a “Strong Nurturer” not sugar coating anything, very upfront, although Educated on multiple topics” This lifetime of “Natural Instinct,” has gained me “respect’ from many of my peers, family and colleagues! I’m very well rounded,traveled, and many are attracted to my persona!

Many have always pushed me to do something ‘Big,’ due to my vast Corporate, Business knowledge and skills, Nurturing capabilities, and Bluntness! I’m a firm believer “The Truth Will, Set you Free,” so why lie! ‘Truth Seekers’ like myself will dig deep to “Uncover The Real Truth” Good, bad or Ugly!” If someone or something is hurting my country, and my Fellow Americans! I’m a Natural Born American, and I’m not going to let my country go to “Hell in a hand basket” especially when my father fought in Vietnam war and getting Cancer, so we could have a better life, as a child growing up in the United States! I’m not going to continue to let him or his friends suffer, seeing what they fought for go down the drain!

I’m sure all parents who are “True Born Americans,” feel the same way about your children, grand-children and great grandchildren, it’s your time to ‘Stand Up! I personally decided to do something after experiencing a horrific medical nightmare, where I began my business CABIRI, helping protect not only my, “Fellow Americans,” but my country! I stood up and said something and acted upon it, to save millions of lives! The evil-doer’s will not stand a chance with me, I will fight to hold all and anyone accountable, for foolishly impacting other human beings, due to Greed, Money and Power! I’m a human being not a number or a dollar sign, so treat me accordingly!

Some hidden “Elitist” are so funny, why in the world do they think, they are invisible and can’t be caught! Well CABIRI, has now made it my “Life Mission” to bring them to the “Forefront!” I’ll now be connecting with ALL like minded “Fellow American Citizens” who want to join me in my personal crusade! I’ve been researching and investigating for years, as I was in/out 17 hospitals, with no diagnosis! It was so sad America, if it wasn’t for my personal determination, I would be dead today! Now I’m paying it all forward! My research and investigating social media business is just the start! I’ve now created resolutions, that will help all American families and the United States as whole! People are truly crazy if they think people are just going to sit around and let others deliberately hurt others!

Everyone on this “Earth” is a “Human Being” and deserves the right to life! So who are other human beings to impact another human beings life? Please understand everyone is only on the earth “ONE TIME,” and as a “Strong Woman” who found researching, a abundance of disturbing trends after falling deathly ill, I’ll be dog gone if I can sit back with a clear conscience and allow other human beings “Male or Female” to interfere with our children’s, families, friends and colleagues well-being, health and livelihoods! Especially, if they can die! …And America, let’s not even talk about helping protect American History for our previous “American Forefathers” these ‘Evil-doers’ will not continue to ruin “American History” any longer!

Since, American Citizens, can’t trust nominated leaders on the Federal, State, and Local levels! We have to take control my Fellow Americans, and I need support from every community all across America! We gotta get it together for our children’s sake, and to save our country before it’s gone! Because trust, me it’s fading even faster, due to “Evil Hidden Plots that’s been going on for DECADES, and YES DECADES!”

America to save lives and protect “ALL AMERICAN FAMILIES AND MY COUNTRY” I’ve developed, “Two Required Community Based Businesses,” besides CABIRI! If you have a heart and care I truly need your support! We’ll all have to come together as a “Proud Country” and take matters into our own hands to protect our Communities, Fellow Americans and the Next-Generation of American born children, who one day will lead our country! Don’t we owe it to ourselves and our families and children? Many of our grandparents did it for us, let’s pay it forward, we owe it to our children and our “Beautiful Country U.S.A!”

Now, here’s the problem I’ve struggled with! Being that I’m not money hungry person, I’ve always helped others out of the “Kindest of My Heart” and many of my family and friends, and colleagues will tell you that! I CAN’T do this one alone! I have the plan for all of us, although I realized I need all American families support to make it all work! They “National, and Community” based businesses for our ‘American Families’ has to be “Only Funded” and Supported by the  “American People!” Please trust me, I’ve researched all the other, Organizations, Non-profits and Federal Agencies, who are supposed to help U.S. citizens, and I found due to “Political Debacle” many of these programs are worthless! ….And they care nothing about a “Human Life” its all about how much ‘Fatter” they can make their pockets! …And they really don’t care who they take out in the process! Well think about this one, if they were doing their jobs for the American people, the United States wouldn’t be a “Hot Mess” right now!

At this point in my life I Candance Camper, am willing to step up even more and do what I have to do, for all American Families, one community at a time all through out the United States! It will be a huge task but someone has to get us going to protect our American families and children! The American people’s voices will be heard and the “Broken Systems” will be fixed, at the “Top of the Mountain” the ” U.S. and International Evil Elitist” will have to think four times before they hurt American Families, were going to fight back hard and strong, one State at a time!

The American based communities will Bypass, all State, Local leaders, who aren’t trustworthy anymore! There’s enough “True American Born Families,” out number all of them and we can do this people! Fear, Greed and Selfishness, is not a option at this point, the 2016 election is coming soon, and we must have these “American People” business protectors in place for our own protection and futures in the United States!

With that said, I’m offering “Free ANFCC Consultations,” I’d like to personally speak to all American Families, one community at a time! I’d like to hear from all of those I can help support whom are suffering! If I can’t I know a network of honest friends, who can also help you! I want to hear about every “Economical Concern” in your Communities, Families,or about anything that can impact your livelihoods! This will be a huge project so I’m interested in any American Citizens, who can help on all levels! I’ll even include other countries, who want to sincerely help us save our country!

I’ll start off by asking for any American “Male or Female, 18-70yrs of age, in all 50 “States” who can step up now and become one of my “ANFCC Consultants for American Families!” I’ll also need ” ANFCC Boots on the Ground” and Researchers to report the REAL TRUTH, American families will not continue to trust ‘Skewd’ statistical numbers someone was hired to creatively come up with! Trust me I know, I have a Corporate Finance Background, it happens everyday and American Citizens actually believe it! (This would be called “Brain-Washed)

Well wake up, some ‘Math Guru” or a Poll Company has come up with these numbers, to detour American families from the real facts! The skewed numbers don’t account for the poor or middle-class families and all the illegal immigrants in the United States! This “Huge American Family Project” will take lots of money for me to get this going for all of us one community at a time! It’s time to take money out of the equation and start helping one another as Americans, getting back to “Basic American History!” This is our country, American People, No one else’s, we need to start acting accordingly, and stop letting the “Elite Human Beings” rule our lives, and country!

Also, let me add, what I’ve seen via my social media business CABIRI! It’s awful to view how American citizens are rudely talking about one another, and putting each other down due to “Democratic – Republican and International” evil doers who want us to have conflict among one another! The more conflict the more Dirt they can do to our country and families! Well they’ve been caught, and we will stop them together as American Citizens Bonding Together! I now know what’s going on and have gained “Global” attention reporting, just a little of what I personally know!

Please contact me via phone or email, I want to hear from all who can help me get this going for all of our Families! Not to worry “Nothing will be hidden” from you anymore! The truth hurts sometimes America, but necessary to move forward in order to help find better solutions so this won’t ever happen again in the United States! Our families will not continue to suffer any longer! Please understand this is very serious business, I’m very passionate about this and I need trust, loyalty, honesty and dedicated ANFCC Leaders committed to helping support American families and their Home country!

Anyone who does not have the best interest at “Heart” for another human being is not welcome! We have enough evilness going on in our country and in the world!

Many have asked me to publicly speak, and finish my book to tell my personal story! Out of fear I didn’t! I will now start doing so! I want everyone to know what I’ve faced in my life to get to this point! Many I’ve spoken too and went through my nightmare with me, have been blown back by my personal story! I’ve been fortunate to overcome, and I promise to help all American families who are suffering! That’s if you give me the “Honor To Support Your Families!” I will only work with “Truth-Seekers, Problems Solvers, and Heart-Felt human beings who love their families and America!

America, I’m not running for congress or anything else for that matter! My research at speaks for itself! I have numerous business qualifications, with a abundance of National and International close friends, colleagues, who will help support me, now that I’m going public! My schedule is quite booked these days, but I’m really passionate about getting my work out in a bigger way to help protect many of you. So I’ve decided to open up “ANFCC” Consultations the Month of April, I’d love to offer this Free ANFCC Consultation a valuable gift to help the people you love in your life. Don’t be afraid, call me! We have to break the ice, with everyone of all races in America to make this work! The bottom line, no what color we are all Americans, with American family History, so please acknowledge that first!!!!

Lastly, I promise to take wonderful care of all your concerns and interest to best of my professional ability.

Please See below: CABIRI’s, “American Citizens New National and Community – Based Businesses For The People Only!”

CABIRI – American Citizens Truth and Action Commission & Luv Thy Neighbor – All Funded by U.S. Families Only! 

I’m so passionate about this America. And I would LOVE your support in helping me serve the people who really need our “Expertise’ and ‘Support’ we can SAVE OUR COUNTRY and offer millions of American Families across the U.S our needed support! 

2016, will be here before you know it, so lets get to it! Our GOP, is a total nightmare and it’s hurting all of us!

Thanks to all of you, and please join me, before it’s too late for all of us, especially our children! 

Candance Camper,

Founder/Owner CABIRI (Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research and Investigations)

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Stand Up & Help Your Fellow Americans
Stand Up & Help Your Fellow Americans