Proving America’s Pharmaceutical Corruption


View above whistleblower known facts explaining the corruption within the CDC all American people truly should be concerned about! The medical proof isn’t there for many drugs, and vaccines in the U.S.

Although, some how America the top U.S. internationally controlled “Pharmaceutical Corporations,” Drugs and Products are miraculously being approved!

The International Big Pharma leaders are working with Chemical companies, Americas top Healthcare agencies, CDC, FDA, NIH all of whom are foolishly killing and impacting human lives in the United States!

These corrupters can’t continue to play these deadly games with their man-made chemical concoctions harming our children and families! Human lives are very precious, who are they to deliberately harm other human beings due to Money, Greed and Power!

Also not too worry America CABIRI has been on the job since 2013 after a personal medical nightmare induced by a unknown chemical in a device!

This is when my business CABIRI research and investigations began picking apart the entire U.S. Healthcare Industry! Fortunately some may already know this due to my many published Pharmaceutical Alerts! I’ve been advocating for not only myself, also for others!

See it logically America if something or someone is trying to deliberately harm you, wouldn’t you want to know? And why would people like myself take the time to write all these published articles if there wasn’t some type of validity to them?

Please see a link that will open your eyes! We are in danger! Once I get my ducks in a row! Myself and some of my other partners have come up with some great solutions to protect all our families!

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