How My Government Failed Me

True Personal Story All Must Read – Be careful in who you trust!


Please forgive me for not responding. I am on board with whatever needs to be done to hold the FDA and the Pharmaceutical Industry leaders accountable. To be vaguely, honest I’ve let them disease me, be-little me, and strip my once professional life away from me. I’ve been embarrassed, humiliated, and living in fear, and depression the past few years after falling ill unexpectedly from a birth control device, that caused havoc on my internal organs.

I truly lost my entire sense of self, the only thing I had to reach out to is the world, to let others know what happened to me and who was responsible for sucking the life out me, bringing me down to a place I’d never thought in a million years I’d be. I’ve always worked hard, lived a honest life, and took care of my children, family, friends, and colleague’s whom all adore and respect me to the fullest. I’m loved by many people all around the world, and none them have no idea of what I’ve been going through, due to me feeling ashamed.

Why did I feel this way, I didn’t ask for the birth control device to break off inside of me and attack my internal organs. So why did I let these responsible powers at be bring me down to the weakest point I’ve ever been in life, being that I’m a very powerful strong woman, many adore, even past employers, and my college professors, always put me on a pedestal, and saw greatness within in me.

Well for some reason, until recently I blamed myself for making a bad medical decision back in 2007
that’s dragged on for 8yrs, impacting me physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s like I lost my existence in life and forgot who and what I’m capable of. This is all far from the truth.

You see it t was not my fault I trusted Doctors, Pharmaceutical Industry, FDA, Federal Government, Local Politicians and U.S. Justice System, I truly thought as a “American Citizen” they had my Back. ‘Boy’ was I ever wrong, all of these entities failed me tremendously. The funny part is I developed my business CABIRI, after Doctors couldn’t tell me what was going on inside my body, after finding a hidden foreign object eroding inside of me for 6yrs., I began my own “Pharmaceutical Research,” being afraid for my life, being told I could of died several times!

Trust me I’ve had a mound of medical problems, along with enormous amount of medical bills, student loans, and losing everything I owned after working 30yrs. in the corporate world in the Accounting field and raising two sons alone. All is lost in my life, thanks to me trusting other people with jobs, (leadership or not) who I thought had my best interest at heart.

Now I’ve regained my consciousness, and realized although I’d been going through my own personal struggles, I am of greatness. Why, the entire time I was fighting, with the FDA, Government, Justice System, and Doctors. I made a ‘Global Awareness Impact’ on not only the Pharmaceutical Industry, many others I came across in my research. Crazy me, always wanting to help others, although my life is upside down, I wanted to protect others from every having to experience the trauma I’d been through!

So unknowingly due to my creative brain, I started communicating to the world pieces of my Pharmaceutical research findings by writing a ‘Press Release.’ Once I saw the amount of viewers who read my press release, my business knowledge immediately kicked in, and I developed a social media business to reach more people, all I could think about at the time is how can I save more lives, because people need to know how dangerous it is to

trust those who are supposed to be there to protect you and your family.

The really sad part is, I even reached out and sent my ‘Disturbing Pharmaceutical Research to ‘Obama’ thinking it would make a difference, and the Federal Government would take immediate action to protect all American Citizens from hidden ‘Pharmaceutical Dangers,’ which were clearly spelled out in my research. I even put in corresponding articles, and documentation, and told them about my personal story, so they didn’t think I was just blowing smoke. I was very persistent to try and protect all of you, so I took it further and contacted many Federal Agencies, Politicians and other Organizations, whom all left me more frustrated, and angry.

Of course, I received numerous no responses, and the few that I did connect with all wanted to pass the buck or wanted me to file a complaint, many of top agencies we all depend upon, basically stated it’s not their fault and not their department, and asked me what did I want them to do! Some listened and told me, not to give up! So feeling defeated was not a option, I couldn’t give up on myself or any of you.

I’ve finally realized I’m no different than anyone else, professional or not, a life is a life, and these Leaders, and Professionals are the same people we all depend upon for our Health, Safety, and Well Being. This foresight, has awoken me, now I have to figure out how I’m going to first start my life over from scratch, and continue communicating my research and developing continue developing my social media business, and since I was left weak and vulnerable due to my entire experience, I’ve developed 10 more businesses to protect all people!

Now, I must admit I’d been attacking some who I shouldn’t of internationally, until they reached out to me, to let me know not all people are bad, greedy, and they were on my side and agreed with me, due to the fact they were experiencing the same type of things in their countries. So for that I’m not proud of, and I actually developed businesses so international citizens, small businesses, and entrepreneurs, can start partnering together to start helping one another, and not have to depend on our governments, which has proven time and time again, they do not have our best interest at heart. So we have to do it ourselves, and protect one another, no matter where you reside in the world. Who knows maybe if these partnerships come ‘Reality’ the world would be a better place!

Also I must add, in doing my non-income based business for several years, many people, and business owners have bombarded me to point with so many options, I don’t know which way to go. There’s so many intelligent minds around the world, who’ve reached out to me. I can’t even begin, to tell you how many, it’s so overwhelming! ..And little ole fighting me just wanted to protect others from harm. I feel if you know someone or something is doing dirt and can harm a life, the right thing to do is to speak up, although I don’t suggest starting a business while your fighting for your own life, as I did!

Please understand I’m okay with it all, now the ‘Pharmaceutical Fog’ my Government, Justice and other Leaders have failed me! I’ve accepted these facts and “Some How and Some Way,” I have to push forward! I’ve embraced and am very Thankful, for my business CABIRI, it was developed upon a ‘Good heartfelt Intention’ to bring ‘Alerts and Awareness’ too protect all other human beings from harm, it was not initially developed to generate income, as many other businesses.

Although, at this point to regain my life back and continue helping all of you, I must reach out and get help with my business, and stop feeling defeated or feeling that I haven’t made a difference. I know I’ve made a impact, the world, and my many followers are telling me I’m on the right track and don’t stop! So I’ll continue to fight and protect all of us, by eventually implementing my 10 other businesses one by one, even if it takes me 20yrs. to do it, including my book, a “Must “Read’ I have a story to tell all of you, and one day you’ll all hear it, just give me some time please, now I’m back on my new career mode of helping make the world a better safe place for all human beings. I now know, Thanks to my “Global Audience” I have the talent and creativity to make it happen for all of us.

Also, I know some may not be happy with what I have to say, when it’s all said and done! What I’d say to them, all life matters and human beings, like natural resources were put on earth for a reason, and money, power and greed will not stand a fighting chance! There’s many of us out here in the world who have respect for other human beings (a Human Life), and what the earth has provided for all of us live on, and many of us shall do what we can too protect what’s been gracefully provided to all of us. Everyone only has “One Life On Earth!”

Many ‘Elite and Powers at Be’ need to realize a job, leadership position, corporation, government, nor a businesses does not surpass the beauty of that! …And people do have power and we will not stand by a let them harm us or our children!!

Thanks you for staying connected with me, and I apologize for any delays! I truly hope all of you continue to stick by me and my business CABIRI, I have much more to inform all of you about, that’s even more shocking than what I’ve published. Help me keep up the fight! I’m someone who will always have your back!

Kind Regards,

Candance Camper



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