Man – Made Death’s Increasing


What is Man-Made – How can you trust a Man in Government, Economics, or Relationships?

America, has anyone not noticed the death’s related to drugs, chemicals, foods, devices, which were all man-made and deals with every economical resource a country and human being needs to survive! It’s ironic the United States is allowing Unknown Powerful Foreign country men with money too make decisions for all human beings in the United States, including your American Children, and Grandchildren.

Are these man-made (so called leaders & healers) killing people, animals and the environment, considered to be ‘God’s Man-Made Healers’ for all human beings? If so who said so? How can you trust someone you don’t know? How do you know they truly have your best interest at heart?

Why are international board members and executives making decisions for the American people while lavishly living in their home country’s, watching their economies boom and businesses being built. On the other hand multiple countries are laughing as they see their ‘man-made’ products, and plots in the United States cleverly unfolding to their international advantage for their home country, too eventually take control of America via manipulation by Money, Power.

And this is all while the good ole Man-Made Gop in U.S. is so greedy, and does not care about it’s own people, children or grandchildren! So why are they continually allowing these International Man-Mad products/services kill off their own people in their home country. Why would Germany be included in America’s Chemical Reform bill for the American people. Questions as such needs to be answered! They have U.S. families lives in their hands, and live in another country. This makes no sense at all, now does it?

man-made death – Ethics Death that occurs by acts of man, which may be divided into civilian forms–MVAs, smoking, AIDS, accidents, eg, Bhopal and Chernobyl, possibly also, induced abortions, and non-civilian forms, related to war or totalitarianism. See Man-made disaster. Cf Natural disaster.

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Deadly Chemical Bill Passed Benefiting Corporations


Deadly Chemical Bill Being Passed For Corporations

Senate committee passed a bill Tuesday that would reform the federal government’s regulation of toxic chemicals for the first time in decades. The bill passed by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee represents a last-minute bipartisan compromise that attracted the votes of all Republicans and four Democrats on the panel. The measure would overhaul the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), and is named after late Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), who worked hard toward a TSCA reform bill for years before dying in 2013.

So the U.S. Chemical Bill hasn’t been looked at since 1976, and now all of a sudden a bill has been passed

without the U.S. Citizens approval. Of course it’s set up to benefit the ‘International Big pharma leaders, the Federal Government, EPA, and many others do not want the American people to know about. Although thanks, to CABIRI efforts the “German” citizens leaked a piece to CABIRI, which isn’t being told. See for yourselves, read the below link sent to CABIRI, for information purposes to protect all my ‘Fellow Americans’ who are being strategically mislead.

Monsanto: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide! (Monsanto = Bayer)

“Chemical industry on the wrong track”: Coalition criticizes new BAYER plant

Carl Duisberg: Streets to be renamed / Duisberg responsible for chemical warfare and forced labour

Nobel Peace Prize for Kailash Satyarthi: Monsanto, Bayer benefited from Child Labour

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Saving Lives

U.S. FDA Continually Selling Out To International Big Pharma

Tainted brings blood scandal of 1980s to life on…

Siemens snags FDA approval for HIV combo test

Non American Born Leaders Ruining The U.S.

“Any leader who isn’t of American soil,” and doesn’t have decades of family history
dating back to 1800’s such as the ‘Hatfield and McCoy’ family or Martin Luther King
family, it doesn’t matter as long as they are a ‘True American born citizen!’ Currently,
multiple foreigners from different parts of the world are in many leadership positions
and have a very strong pre$ence all throughout the U.$. while conspiring with their
home countries, and their families. By which many are not American Friendly, and
think American citizens are “Stupid People!”
That’s been stated many times to me personally, which is very dis-heartening although far from the truth.
Any non Generational resident of foreign decent legal or not, will not have the best interest of the American people at heart, when they know nothing about American history, legacies, or the American people. “All Non = American born citizens should be exonerated from their duties as leaders of U.S. or anything else for that matter. Coming to America when you were one yrs. old with your parents; who were born and raised in their home country, doesn’t not technically classify you as a True American Born Citizen. A True American born citizens parents, grand parents, great grandparents and all family members are were born on U.S. soil.
So All American Leaders who are greedy, wanting world power, imposing religion, and violating the U.S. Constitution for the American people “Fire” all of them! No foreign country can respect or appreciate the true meaning of what it means to be born an American! …And ‘Yes,’ you can be proud to ‘Be an American’ if your willing to step up and do something too help change the “Hot Mess” unraveling in our country now! There playing a dangerous game people, so It’ s going to take all ‘True American Born People’, we have to save our children’s future, family legacies and ourselves, due to the top leaders all
U.S. citizens depend upon for Health, and Safety, Security are not Trustworthy, this is going back to Daddy Bush’s Era,
and take a look at the EB-5 Visa Bill no one seems to want to acknowledge.
Be aware of hidden agenda’s. We can view this with Koch Brothers, and the ALEC organizations, and their ties to the
Pharmaceutical industry, and their big private donors. So the no one in the U.S. GOP can be trusted! Which is awful!
The United States was developed for the American people, not any type of religious group or another foreign country. American forefathers wrote several instruments such as the U.S. Constitution, Federalist Papers, and Bill of Rights for American born families for a reason. It seems many have forgotten they even exist, and have allowed a full
Economical Warfare to unfold in the U.S. dating back before ‘Obama’s Presidency.’
What your all seeing, feeling, as American born citizens is the impact of, “Decades of planned out plot’s and scheme’s to hinder the people of the United States and the country as a whole.”
…And please note every economical resource, service, system and security has been compromised for all American people. Although, many organizations, local and global citizens are stepping up to help save lives and get the word out to those who have no clue of what’s unfolding in their own backyards. Which will, has, and can impact America’s History, Legacies, and your Children, and Grandchildren’s future in America!
America, how is it truly fair to the American people if our own ‘Federal, State, and Local Leaders are allowing Generations of American benefits, land, housing, jobs, corporations, businesses, good/services, and much more; to be strategically manipulated and controlled by multiple countries, elitist and their families.  Which all boils down called ‘Eugenics Theory’, put in place by “Adolph Hitler!” So be concerned and aware!
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U.S. FDA Most Wanted International Big Pharma Criminals


America, please take a look a the current economical warfare pertaining to every industry in the United States, the ‘FDA’s’ Most Wanted Criminal list, spells it out clearly. See how many foreign nationals who are not ‘American Friendly’ and do not have the best interest of the American people at heart.

The United States has become a ‘International Sess Poole’ which the American Citizens are being misled by the Federal Government, Corporations, Businesses, State, Local Governments, and many leaders who are to ‘Support and Uphold The U.S. Constitution For The American People.’ which are to have all rights when it’s said and done. The United States was developed, and fought for ‘The American People’ not Foreign newcomers,who’ve launched a decade of “Economical Warfare” against the U.S. Born Citizens. Who let the United States get inundated with millions of Foreign nationals no one knows nothing about! Whom are using American citizens to gain money, power, and greed to fund their own countries, and families.

U.S. FDA Most Wanted Big Pharma & Other Economical Criminals

Common sense would tell anyone that every country around the world is uniquely different and doesn’t have what the U.S. has to offer. So why would the U.S. Government and American people allow other multiple countries people take control over your generational family American assets? Which is also written in the U.S. Constitution. ….And if your not born in a country, how can you respect or appreciate it? Politics can be change by the ‘American People’ per the U.S. Constitution, if political powers are destroying or impacting the American people Who in the end will have The Power’ Not the Government!  Apparently, there hasn’t been any protection from any U.S. Government, Leaders, or any other agency in the United States if  the U.S is in a State Of ‘Economical Warfare!’ There’s millions of unknown foreign citizens conveniently walking, living, working within the borders of U.S., while conspiring with their home countries and families to undermine, the American people, and fool the U.S. Government.

Is your family American legacy not matter? Do you not want your American Children, Grandchildren, to live the American Dream? Well follow this link then ask yourselves, does your family lives matter. Do you want to be considered a Dumb Americans? Many in the real world when you run across a foreign national they will blatantly tell you Americans are stupid! So it’s time to take back control of your land, soil, and American History Assets, and put back into your hands to pass down to your American children, and grandchildren, as your American ancestors did for many of you.

There’s many more criminals floating around the U.S., so please be aware of your surroundings! If you’d like to speak about your personal concerns and need help with a resolution please email me at ( I’d be happy to have a Free 30min Intro-Session with you, to get to know you, and I’ll help you and your family with a plan of action too protect yourselves from the unknown hidden agenda’s that’s not being told by ‘mainstream media or the Federal Government!’ This applies to all U.S. family’s rich or poor.

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Caucasian Race – Terrorizing The World


Racism has been prevalent in Charleston, S.C., since the 1990’s this awful hate crime is not surprising it was bound to happen, although this is the “Icing on the cake,” Enough is Enough! It’s time to stand up and take action! What this young man did, thanks to his daddy’s “Gun Gift” is damming to an already “Boiling Point Of Racism In The United States!

Caucasians, and any other race need to put the shoe on the other foot just one time! How would you feel if this kept happening to your race? What would they do? How would they react? It’s time for white’s to stop suppressing the black race, and killing us off like dogs. It was bad enough they killed many African-American slaves back in slavery times, now it seems like “History repeating itself” and White Police and Citizens; are seemingly continually getting away murdering African-Americans! Something is extremely wrong with this picture and must be stopped once and for all!!

America from a former 8yr. resident of Charleston, S.C. who moved away from the area due to racism here’s a few things of what I personally observed:

1. Plantations – I never wanted to visit any plantations as a African/Indian American! Due to the fact the workers were dressed like slaves. Why is this historical. Whites do not have places like this for blacks to visit, which they call historical. Many of the slave plantations have been rebuilt and owned by whites. So what’s so historical about that!

2. The confederate flag fly’s high and mighty

3. Some blacks called “Geechie People” are treated like 3rd class citizens, due to their broken English, who are considered as illiterate too many Caucasians. Which is ironic when many Spanish/Cuban/Guatemalan citizens can’t speak a lick of English!

4. The original slave trade “Where slaves were sold century’s ago, still remains as a “Flea Market.” America all I could envision; was millions of slaves caged up behind bars, and being sold like cattle! On top of that I observed poor ‘Elderly Women,’ in there late 70’s to 80’s, actually still sitting outside the ‘Flea market’ weaving baskets in 100 degree temperatures.

5. On one side of the downtown area, you’ll view a prominent Charleston, not even a mile down the road you’ll see run down houses and rough neighbors full of people of color. Most blacks have been moved out to country area’s away from city.

So, you see with this type of ‘Racism Looming’ from many Caucasians families and Police Officers in Charleston and around America, what did we really expect to happen! Really people??
Racism is also taught at home, it is not something that just happens overnight! A child white or black, or any other color for that matter, is not born knowing they will be raised to “Hate” other people who have a different skin color than them. Think about that one people????

I’m sure some may disagree of my opinions, for those I say you can’t say anything if you haven’t seen it with your own eye’s!

Racism is very hurtful! Everyone is a human being that bleeds red, with the same bodily organs!! What is wrong with ignorant people. Anyone who is racist should be locked up in a ‘Mental Hospital’ or made to undergo a African American History class, Anger management, or better yet live with a African-American family for a little while. Maybe this would stop!

Also instead of worrying about the “African American’s skin color, White America worry about the ‘Foreigners invading your country, who will soon have your children in concentration camps or dead! To be truly honest, many Foreign countries do not like ‘Caucasians,’ due to current, and decades of past dirt done around the world by the Caucasian race, if you had the opportunity to travel out of the United State’s many would know this ‘Fact!’

So it’s time for the Caucasians, to think about who will be on their team in the end, if they continue terrorizing the entire world in every race?? Caucasians realize American Born African Americans are on your side, not the new foreigners in the United States, who are taking away from your country, children and families!!


Protecting  American Citizens

U.S. Banks Robbing American Citizens


Time to Jail Them for True Economic Recovery…

Per the Secret Journal:

This is the only way for economies to truly recover…

Iceland also allowed bankers to be prosecuted as criminals – in contrast to the US and Europe, where banks were fined, but chief executives escaped with just a fine. “No Punishment or Accountability!”

Remember the “BANK BAILOUT” and coincidentally “Citizens started losing their homes to “Foreclosure, shortly after the so-called Bail-Out” Then they have the audacity to put strict credit restrictions on the American people, while allowing Foreign newcomers to buy up American citizens land and property with fictitious “Credit Worthiness!” Leaving American Citizens homeless out in the cold!

Secret Journal cont’d

The chief executive, chairman, Luxembourg CEO and second largest shareholder of Kaupthing, an Icelandic bank that collapsed, were sentenced in February to between four and five years in prison for market manipulation.

Iceland allowed bankers to be prosecuted as criminals – in contrast to the US and Europe, where banks were fined, but chief executives escaped punishment.

16yr. Old Running For President

2016 Youth Presidental Nominee Rejected

How sad, no respect for a brilliant young mind!

President of Youth Assembly in Fort Lauderdale, Fl., Elijah Manley would like to run for 2016 presidental election!

CABIRI, has worked with Elijah in the past and he frequently keeps up with me. This young man has a “Heart of Gold!” He’s been effortlessly trying to get citizens to realize that his generation matters and need a voice!

I truly respect his “Political Strategy,” to assist his generation, The next leaders of the United States!

It’s a shame that the U.S. Constitution forbids the next generation in participating on any legislative level that pertains to the next generation! Citizens of America need to realize they have a voice and they matter!

The next-generation will be here long after any current GOP, Democrats, & current Supreme Court Justices. So why not let the next-generation, such as Elijah Manley be nominated if not for U.S. President a U.S. Youth Assembly President! Why not the way I see it what does a 70-60 yr. old know what the next generation needs or want for their future?

CABIRI, will continue to support and stand behind Elijah 100%! Its actually intriguing to hear his ideas, opinions and concerns for his generation! Clearly the current GOP is way off base where his generation is concerned if he’s trying to run for “President!”

Elijah and his thousands of youth supporters clearly do not agree with the decisions being made for their country by older political representatives who have no clue about the current generation!

America do people not realize they’ll be the next-generation taking care of all of you? Why not give them a position in the Legislation so they can have a say about their own futures in the United States as American born children!

Respect your children and help CABIRI & brave “Elijah Manley” assist in giving them a voice!

Please see Elijah Manley article, then think about if this was your son or daughter and all their friends would you support there efforts or brush them off like they don’t exist and don’t count in Americas political process!

Think about it the next-generation working with the current legislation in D.C. may solve many problems in America the older GOP doesn’t understand about their generation!

CABIRI will continue to support Elijah, and all other youth organizers who want to be heard. Please stop treating them like 3rd world citizens who don’t matter they are your children and grandchildren!



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Could U.S. HUD Be Led By The Castro Family

America could the U.S. Department Of Housing And Urban Development be led by the Castro family.

Its strange that the Directors name is “Julian Castro!” Could he be relate. Fidel Castro?’ Who knows??

The question Every American born citizen should be asking is, Why isn’t such a important position for American born families not being Directed by a American. After all aren’t the American born families and their ancestors the citizens who has paid into Americas HUD housing programs?

Not one immigrant new or old has paid into Americas Economy for decades, like American born families, so why is the United States Government allowing Foreigners to run Government programs for the American people? Also if you review the website you will see the point!

This is why America has a “Economical Warfare!”

The Housing, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Wall Street, Consumer products and much more in the United States is being Directed, Owned and Operated by many other countries who are not American born citizens.

Please ask yourselves why is the U.S. Government allowing this to happen? Also America take note the Economical Warfare has been unfolding in the United States since the early 1900’s. It didn’t happen overnight or when ‘Obama’ took office. This has been due to past U.S. Presidents and Leaders decades of frivolous actions to gain Money, Power and Greed.

Not thinking about American families or their own Ancestors, or American forefathers who developed America for their American children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to enjoy!

America is now inundated with foreigners who have taken control over almost every Economical Resource in America, including your credit cards. Please be aware of why American born citizens are suffering in their own country! Here’s some facts to think about!

Thanks to all for following CABIRI, please continue to follow to keep your families and friends safe! And if any U.S. born citizen, Organization would like to help CABIRI to continue communicating important information please contact me. There is many things unraveling and American born citizens if you care about your country or children, grandchildren future in America it’s time to wake up and act now!

A note to the Financially Wealthy if the World Coin trumps the American dollar, your family will be screwed to. And I’m sure your families are using the same resources as the poor. You drink water and eat food and have to depend on the pharmaceutical industry for you and your families health! So think twice if you think all of this is a bunch of B.S!

For the foreigners who may be offended sorry, no disrespect intended! Please realize the U.S. is for the American people and their children. We aren’t prejudice, its not right to come take from our ancestors or our American children when you haven’t paid a dime into our economy!



Don’t Lose Your Country American Families

Read the U.S. constitution & Billl of Rights put in place by your previous American Forefathers

Do you want your American dollars and benefits to continue going to multiple countries from all over the world. Think how many different nationalities and their families are living in U.S?