Could U.S. HUD Be Led By The Castro Family

America could the U.S. Department Of Housing And Urban Development be led by the Castro family.

Its strange that the Directors name is “Julian Castro!” Could he be relate. Fidel Castro?’ Who knows??

The question Every American born citizen should be asking is, Why isn’t such a important position for American born families not being Directed by a American. After all aren’t the American born families and their ancestors the citizens who has paid into Americas HUD housing programs?

Not one immigrant new or old has paid into Americas Economy for decades, like American born families, so why is the United States Government allowing Foreigners to run Government programs for the American people? Also if you review the website you will see the point!

This is why America has a “Economical Warfare!”

The Housing, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Wall Street, Consumer products and much more in the United States is being Directed, Owned and Operated by many other countries who are not American born citizens.

Please ask yourselves why is the U.S. Government allowing this to happen? Also America take note the Economical Warfare has been unfolding in the United States since the early 1900’s. It didn’t happen overnight or when ‘Obama’ took office. This has been due to past U.S. Presidents and Leaders decades of frivolous actions to gain Money, Power and Greed.

Not thinking about American families or their own Ancestors, or American forefathers who developed America for their American children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to enjoy!

America is now inundated with foreigners who have taken control over almost every Economical Resource in America, including your credit cards. Please be aware of why American born citizens are suffering in their own country! Here’s some facts to think about!

Thanks to all for following CABIRI, please continue to follow to keep your families and friends safe! And if any U.S. born citizen, Organization would like to help CABIRI to continue communicating important information please contact me. There is many things unraveling and American born citizens if you care about your country or children, grandchildren future in America it’s time to wake up and act now!

A note to the Financially Wealthy if the World Coin trumps the American dollar, your family will be screwed to. And I’m sure your families are using the same resources as the poor. You drink water and eat food and have to depend on the pharmaceutical industry for you and your families health! So think twice if you think all of this is a bunch of B.S!

For the foreigners who may be offended sorry, no disrespect intended! Please realize the U.S. is for the American people and their children. We aren’t prejudice, its not right to come take from our ancestors or our American children when you haven’t paid a dime into our economy!



Don’t Lose Your Country American Families

Read the U.S. constitution & Billl of Rights put in place by your previous American Forefathers

Do you want your American dollars and benefits to continue going to multiple countries from all over the world. Think how many different nationalities and their families are living in U.S?