16yr. Old Running For President

2016 Youth Presidental Nominee Rejected

How sad, no respect for a brilliant young mind!

President of Youth Assembly in Fort Lauderdale, Fl., Elijah Manley would like to run for 2016 presidental election!

CABIRI, has worked with Elijah in the past and he frequently keeps up with me. This young man has a “Heart of Gold!” He’s been effortlessly trying to get citizens to realize that his generation matters and need a voice!

I truly respect his “Political Strategy,” to assist his generation, The next leaders of the United States!

It’s a shame that the U.S. Constitution forbids the next generation in participating on any legislative level that pertains to the next generation! Citizens of America need to realize they have a voice and they matter!

The next-generation will be here long after any current GOP, Democrats, & current Supreme Court Justices. So why not let the next-generation, such as Elijah Manley be nominated if not for U.S. President a U.S. Youth Assembly President! Why not the way I see it what does a 70-60 yr. old know what the next generation needs or want for their future?

CABIRI, will continue to support and stand behind Elijah 100%! Its actually intriguing to hear his ideas, opinions and concerns for his generation! Clearly the current GOP is way off base where his generation is concerned if he’s trying to run for “President!”

Elijah and his thousands of youth supporters clearly do not agree with the decisions being made for their country by older political representatives who have no clue about the current generation!

America do people not realize they’ll be the next-generation taking care of all of you? Why not give them a position in the Legislation so they can have a say about their own futures in the United States as American born children!

Respect your children and help CABIRI & brave “Elijah Manley” assist in giving them a voice!

Please see Elijah Manley article, then think about if this was your son or daughter and all their friends would you support there efforts or brush them off like they don’t exist and don’t count in Americas political process!

Think about it the next-generation working with the current legislation in D.C. may solve many problems in America the older GOP doesn’t understand about their generation!

CABIRI will continue to support Elijah, and all other youth organizers who want to be heard. Please stop treating them like 3rd world citizens who don’t matter they are your children and grandchildren!



Candance Camper