Caucasian Race – Terrorizing The World


Racism has been prevalent in Charleston, S.C., since the 1990’s this awful hate crime is not surprising it was bound to happen, although this is the “Icing on the cake,” Enough is Enough! It’s time to stand up and take action! What this young man did, thanks to his daddy’s “Gun Gift” is damming to an already “Boiling Point Of Racism In The United States!

Caucasians, and any other race need to put the shoe on the other foot just one time! How would you feel if this kept happening to your race? What would they do? How would they react? It’s time for white’s to stop suppressing the black race, and killing us off like dogs. It was bad enough they killed many African-American slaves back in slavery times, now it seems like “History repeating itself” and White Police and Citizens; are seemingly continually getting away murdering African-Americans! Something is extremely wrong with this picture and must be stopped once and for all!!

America from a former 8yr. resident of Charleston, S.C. who moved away from the area due to racism here’s a few things of what I personally observed:

1. Plantations – I never wanted to visit any plantations as a African/Indian American! Due to the fact the workers were dressed like slaves. Why is this historical. Whites do not have places like this for blacks to visit, which they call historical. Many of the slave plantations have been rebuilt and owned by whites. So what’s so historical about that!

2. The confederate flag fly’s high and mighty

3. Some blacks called “Geechie People” are treated like 3rd class citizens, due to their broken English, who are considered as illiterate too many Caucasians. Which is ironic when many Spanish/Cuban/Guatemalan citizens can’t speak a lick of English!

4. The original slave trade “Where slaves were sold century’s ago, still remains as a “Flea Market.” America all I could envision; was millions of slaves caged up behind bars, and being sold like cattle! On top of that I observed poor ‘Elderly Women,’ in there late 70’s to 80’s, actually still sitting outside the ‘Flea market’ weaving baskets in 100 degree temperatures.

5. On one side of the downtown area, you’ll view a prominent Charleston, not even a mile down the road you’ll see run down houses and rough neighbors full of people of color. Most blacks have been moved out to country area’s away from city.

So, you see with this type of ‘Racism Looming’ from many Caucasians families and Police Officers in Charleston and around America, what did we really expect to happen! Really people??
Racism is also taught at home, it is not something that just happens overnight! A child white or black, or any other color for that matter, is not born knowing they will be raised to “Hate” other people who have a different skin color than them. Think about that one people????

I’m sure some may disagree of my opinions, for those I say you can’t say anything if you haven’t seen it with your own eye’s!

Racism is very hurtful! Everyone is a human being that bleeds red, with the same bodily organs!! What is wrong with ignorant people. Anyone who is racist should be locked up in a ‘Mental Hospital’ or made to undergo a African American History class, Anger management, or better yet live with a African-American family for a little while. Maybe this would stop!

Also instead of worrying about the “African American’s skin color, White America worry about the ‘Foreigners invading your country, who will soon have your children in concentration camps or dead! To be truly honest, many Foreign countries do not like ‘Caucasians,’ due to current, and decades of past dirt done around the world by the Caucasian race, if you had the opportunity to travel out of the United State’s many would know this ‘Fact!’

So it’s time for the Caucasians, to think about who will be on their team in the end, if they continue terrorizing the entire world in every race?? Caucasians realize American Born African Americans are on your side, not the new foreigners in the United States, who are taking away from your country, children and families!!


Protecting  American Citizens