U.S. FDA Most Wanted International Big Pharma Criminals


America, please take a look a the current economical warfare pertaining to every industry in the United States, the ‘FDA’s’ Most Wanted Criminal list, spells it out clearly. See how many foreign nationals who are not ‘American Friendly’ and do not have the best interest of the American people at heart.

The United States has become a ‘International Sess Poole’ which the American Citizens are being misled by the Federal Government, Corporations, Businesses, State, Local Governments, and many leaders who are to ‘Support and Uphold The U.S. Constitution For The American People.’ which are to have all rights when it’s said and done. The United States was developed, and fought for ‘The American People’ not Foreign newcomers,who’ve launched a decade of “Economical Warfare” against the U.S. Born Citizens. Who let the United States get inundated with millions of Foreign nationals no one knows nothing about! Whom are using American citizens to gain money, power, and greed to fund their own countries, and families.

U.S. FDA Most Wanted Big Pharma & Other Economical Criminals

Common sense would tell anyone that every country around the world is uniquely different and doesn’t have what the U.S. has to offer. So why would the U.S. Government and American people allow other multiple countries people take control over your generational family American assets? Which is also written in the U.S. Constitution. ….And if your not born in a country, how can you respect or appreciate it? Politics can be change by the ‘American People’ per the U.S. Constitution, if political powers are destroying or impacting the American people Who in the end will have The Power’ Not the Government!  Apparently, there hasn’t been any protection from any U.S. Government, Leaders, or any other agency in the United States if  the U.S is in a State Of ‘Economical Warfare!’ There’s millions of unknown foreign citizens conveniently walking, living, working within the borders of U.S., while conspiring with their home countries and families to undermine, the American people, and fool the U.S. Government.

Is your family American legacy not matter? Do you not want your American Children, Grandchildren, to live the American Dream? Well follow this link then ask yourselves, does your family lives matter. Do you want to be considered a Dumb Americans? Many in the real world when you run across a foreign national they will blatantly tell you Americans are stupid! So it’s time to take back control of your land, soil, and American History Assets, and put back into your hands to pass down to your American children, and grandchildren, as your American ancestors did for many of you.

There’s many more criminals floating around the U.S., so please be aware of your surroundings! If you’d like to speak about your personal concerns and need help with a resolution please email me at (www.consumer2savlives@gmail.com) I’d be happy to have a Free 30min Intro-Session with you, to get to know you, and I’ll help you and your family with a plan of action too protect yourselves from the unknown hidden agenda’s that’s not being told by ‘mainstream media or the Federal Government!’ This applies to all U.S. family’s rich or poor.

Please continue to support CABIRI, A U.S. Born American Citizen, Economical Warfare Consulting Coach – Protecting My Fellow American Families, Next-Generation, American History, and Legacies as requested by the U.S. Constitution written by previous American born forefathers, who protected all American people and their country ! It’s time to do the same!