Man – Made Death’s Increasing


What is Man-Made – How can you trust a Man in Government, Economics, or Relationships?

America, has anyone not noticed the death’s related to drugs, chemicals, foods, devices, which were all man-made and deals with every economical resource a country and human being needs to survive! It’s ironic the United States is allowing Unknown Powerful Foreign country men with money too make decisions for all human beings in the United States, including your American Children, and Grandchildren.

Are these man-made (so called leaders & healers) killing people, animals and the environment, considered to be ‘God’s Man-Made Healers’ for all human beings? If so who said so? How can you trust someone you don’t know? How do you know they truly have your best interest at heart?

Why are international board members and executives making decisions for the American people while lavishly living in their home country’s, watching their economies boom and businesses being built. On the other hand multiple countries are laughing as they see their ‘man-made’ products, and plots in the United States cleverly unfolding to their international advantage for their home country, too eventually take control of America via manipulation by Money, Power.

And this is all while the good ole Man-Made Gop in U.S. is so greedy, and does not care about it’s own people, children or grandchildren! So why are they continually allowing these International Man-Mad products/services kill off their own people in their home country. Why would Germany be included in America’s Chemical Reform bill for the American people. Questions as such needs to be answered! They have U.S. families lives in their hands, and live in another country. This makes no sense at all, now does it?

man-made death – Ethics Death that occurs by acts of man, which may be divided into civilian forms–MVAs, smoking, AIDS, accidents, eg, Bhopal and Chernobyl, possibly also, induced abortions, and non-civilian forms, related to war or totalitarianism. See Man-made disaster. Cf Natural disaster.

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