Non American Born Leaders Ruining The U.S.

“Any leader who isn’t of American soil,” and doesn’t have decades of family history
dating back to 1800’s such as the ‘Hatfield and McCoy’ family or Martin Luther King
family, it doesn’t matter as long as they are a ‘True American born citizen!’ Currently,
multiple foreigners from different parts of the world are in many leadership positions
and have a very strong pre$ence all throughout the U.$. while conspiring with their
home countries, and their families. By which many are not American Friendly, and
think American citizens are “Stupid People!”
That’s been stated many times to me personally, which is very dis-heartening although far from the truth.
Any non Generational resident of foreign decent legal or not, will not have the best interest of the American people at heart, when they know nothing about American history, legacies, or the American people. “All Non = American born citizens should be exonerated from their duties as leaders of U.S. or anything else for that matter. Coming to America when you were one yrs. old with your parents; who were born and raised in their home country, doesn’t not technically classify you as a True American Born Citizen. A True American born citizens parents, grand parents, great grandparents and all family members are were born on U.S. soil.
So All American Leaders who are greedy, wanting world power, imposing religion, and violating the U.S. Constitution for the American people “Fire” all of them! No foreign country can respect or appreciate the true meaning of what it means to be born an American! …And ‘Yes,’ you can be proud to ‘Be an American’ if your willing to step up and do something too help change the “Hot Mess” unraveling in our country now! There playing a dangerous game people, so It’ s going to take all ‘True American Born People’, we have to save our children’s future, family legacies and ourselves, due to the top leaders all
U.S. citizens depend upon for Health, and Safety, Security are not Trustworthy, this is going back to Daddy Bush’s Era,
and take a look at the EB-5 Visa Bill no one seems to want to acknowledge.
Be aware of hidden agenda’s. We can view this with Koch Brothers, and the ALEC organizations, and their ties to the
Pharmaceutical industry, and their big private donors. So the no one in the U.S. GOP can be trusted! Which is awful!
The United States was developed for the American people, not any type of religious group or another foreign country. American forefathers wrote several instruments such as the U.S. Constitution, Federalist Papers, and Bill of Rights for American born families for a reason. It seems many have forgotten they even exist, and have allowed a full
Economical Warfare to unfold in the U.S. dating back before ‘Obama’s Presidency.’
What your all seeing, feeling, as American born citizens is the impact of, “Decades of planned out plot’s and scheme’s to hinder the people of the United States and the country as a whole.”
…And please note every economical resource, service, system and security has been compromised for all American people. Although, many organizations, local and global citizens are stepping up to help save lives and get the word out to those who have no clue of what’s unfolding in their own backyards. Which will, has, and can impact America’s History, Legacies, and your Children, and Grandchildren’s future in America!
America, how is it truly fair to the American people if our own ‘Federal, State, and Local Leaders are allowing Generations of American benefits, land, housing, jobs, corporations, businesses, good/services, and much more; to be strategically manipulated and controlled by multiple countries, elitist and their families.  Which all boils down called ‘Eugenics Theory’, put in place by “Adolph Hitler!” So be concerned and aware!
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