All Grand-Father Claused American Citizens Enroll Into Your Constitutional Rights ‘Boot Camp & White Papers’

Hello Fellow Americans,

With the Holiday, passing I’ve been working on a plan for all Grand-Father Claus-ed American Born Citizens. The Constitutional Rights Boot Camp will consist of “Everything You Need To Know, Didn’t Know, and Will Know” as a United States Citizen.

It’s very important for all American born citizens to get back to ‘Basic American History’ passed down by our previous American Forefathers, who cared enough about all of us to write the United States Constitution. Now more than every it’s imperative, it be Re-Learned by all Grand-Father Claus-ed American Born Citizens.

Our forefathers to the time decades ago, back in 1787 to think about all your family’s, so let’s return the favor and get back on track in the United States, according to the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Impact of Charters, Civil Rights, Federalists Papers, Articles of Confederation, and much more will be discussed in our ‘Constitutional Boot Camp!’

Please go to Enroll and let’s get back to being a whole again as one Nation!