CANADA Covering U.S. Pay As You Go Cell Phone Insurance

Hey America,

Bet ya didn’t know! Canada is providing Cell Phone Insurance for United States “Pay As You go Cell Phones.” Top Cell phone companies in the United States are allowing American Citizens unknowingly to fund other countries instead of the United States of America.

How is this good for America, if U.S. Citizens are paying Canada, how does this stimulate America’s Economy and keep the money at home if all U.S. Citizens are paying a company on the other side of the world for Goods/Services? Wouldn’t that make the other countries, business, corporations, and government rich?

The United States is continually, to allow other countries to fund America only in return to receive record profits out of the pockets of U.S. Tax Citizens who are suffering in their own country. Really! How is this good for America’s Economy & the American people.

This is not keeping the money at home America! …And they wonder why America is broke, U.S. citizens are homeless, no jobs? Well they fail to realize all of this is are ‘Direct Violations of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights! I’m sure many are unaware of this why All United States Citizens need to “Jump On Aboard” and Re-Learn your rights in your country before you or your children won’t have one to enjoy!