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The United States Constitution

“We The People”

      Grand-Father Claus-ed United States Of America U.S. Constitution Of 1786
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µ1. Introduction / Background 1
2. Business Case 2
3. Problem Statement / Introduction 2
4. Proposed Solution(s) 3
Application of Solution 3
5. Future Direction / Long-Term Focus 3
6. Results / Conclusion 4
Appendices 5
Appendix A – Scenarios 5
Appendix B – Options 5
Appendix C – Authors 5
Appendix D – References 5

Introduction / Background
Hello, Fellow Americans! Let me begin by Thanking all of you for joining CABIRI! This White Paper was created; For all my “Fellow Americans,” who are “Grand-Father Claus-ed American born Citizens,” with generational family History and Legacy’s dating back to the early or late 1700’s; in the United States of America! The previous ‘Forefathers’ wrote the United States Constitution for to good of the United States and for the well-being of ‘All’ Naturalized citizens of America.

As a American Citizen some of us, have viewed several Socioeconomic, Political, Financial disparities looming all throughout the United States! Ferguson, Martial Law, International Threats, Bundy Ranch dealing with land ownership, Agriculture – Foods with Farms/crops, Toxic Pesticides, Water, Chemical Toxins, Fires & other Earthly Contamination’s, Wall Street Crash, Store Closings, Sky Rocketing International Business Ownership in U.S., Tax Evasion, Security – Safety, Terror Threats, Homelessness – Tent City’s, Deaths, Diseases, Corruption, Fraud, Unemployment and much more, all of which impacts the ‘Economic Stability of the United States, crippling the “American Families!”


These series of events have impacted the entire country, by which shouldn’t be the case, “According to the Law Of The Land, the United States Constitution.” Many American families are busy with their everyday lives trying to survive, work and feed their families they’ve forgotten about America’s past, which is meaningful to the future! The previous Forefathers acknowledged “All American People, Past and Present, by writing the United States Constitution for us to ‘Revert’ back to one day. These “Brave Men” took the time to fight for all of us, working hard meeting multiple times for several years, until they gained ‘Independence’ and ‘Right’s’ for all American Citizens to live freely.
If ‘We The People’ take the time to ‘Re-Educate’ ourselves on the United States Constitution and other forms of ‘UN-Revised’ Instruments, America could begin healing as a country, getting back to our basic ‘American Roots.’ By joining together as ‘Fellow Americans where helping to educate ourselves, about the messages ‘Embedded’ within many American History Documents, Video’s and Radio Addresses, formerly communicated by our previous ‘American Forefathers!’

Naturalized Citizens America let’s respect our ‘Previous Forefathers’ wishes and work hard for our ‘Country’ and lets help get it back on track! For the sake of our Next- Generation of American born children,who are your children, grand-children and great-grand children! All American born children deserve the “American Dream” and the freedoms that comes along with being a naturalized American born citizen!


Business Case
The many ‘White Papers’ to come will consist of; all sorts of ‘Shocks, Facts, and Must Know information, taken directly from prior ‘Original Documents’ dating back to 1786, or before! Were aiming for anything too help get our country back on track!”
By reviewing every inch of all previous UN-revised Instruments such as the; United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, Impact of Charters, Declaration of Independence, Civil Rights, Articles of Confederation, Federalist Papers and much more. By doing this American families can gain the necessary knowledge to help move America forward into the next decade, preserving their families American Legacies! pg. 1
Problem Statement / Introduction

Everyone should know by now, we have ‘Huge Issue’s’ facing the United States and the World around us! All of which trickles down to every American born family, No matter how rich, poor, race, or color the series of events unfolding are harming millions of lives, by Money, Power and Greed. The current Socioeconomic, Political, Judicial, Foreign, and Financial disparities have impacted the entire United States of America due to massive ‘International Activity within America’s borders. There’s a lengthy list of ‘Broken Systems’ within the United States of America ‘Economy.’ Which is crippling the the country and American families.

Proposed Solutions

The United States Supreme Court, and The United States Government; seemingly could use our help ‘We The People’ assisting in getting America back on track! There’s so much turmoil, its hard to keep up with these days! Although, if American Families take the time out to ‘Re-Educate’ ourselves and our families about Americas Forgotten History, written by previous ‘Forefathers, maybe the United States Of America can ‘Heal and Re- build’ for the well-being of the Next American generation,your family, friends American legacies. So one could say by Educating ourselves on the ‘Law of The Land,’ All Naturalized American Citizens, could help in one way or another assisting in resolving many Economical problems facing our beautiful country, jeopardizing the future of all naturalized American born children, whom also need to know their American Roots! pg.2

Application of Solution
If all Grand-Father Claus-ed American Families take a little time to Re-Educate themselves about written ‘Messages’ by our ‘Previous Forefathers’ then maybe the entire United States can begin to heal as a Nation! This way all American families will be ensured their Children, Grand-children and Great-children, and Family Legacies will continue to flourish in the United States of America going forward into the next decades.

Future Direction / Long-Term Focus
This will be a long haul for all of us, although until our Country The United States Of America, is back on track and running according to “We The People!” We cant stop! It’s our families, legacies and our country at stake! Fellow Americans must step up now “Act then Re-Act!” Your Previous forefathers cared about what happened to all of your families, so they’d be appreciative of All our dedication and efforts to return the favor to the Next American Generation going forward! These steps will surely help the ‘United States of America Government,’ get back on track working for the ‘ Grand-Father Claus-ed Naturalized American born Citizens, who’s families helped develop, and fight for the United States of America, making it what is today! pg.3

Taken at Fairfield Waters Townsville Qld.© 2010 I retain Copyright.
America Moving Against The American People

Results / Conclusion
America, instead of posting the United States Constitution online with millions of American Citizens trying to read through American History Books, Documents etc., our “Weekly Blog Content White Papers” will Keep your families Updated! Will summarize All you need to know about your prior and current “American History! ”We understand many families are very busy with their jobs and personal lives, there’s not much time!
Now with CABIRI’S White Paper Blogs; All American families will be able to read, CABIRI’s, ‘Blog Content White Papers‘ at their convenience. The Constitution Content and additional American History Instruments will be put in one “Self -Explanatory,” format, making it easy for any reader to understand. Also to take it a step further CABIRI, will comparing “America’s Current and Global events” in the United States prior to ‘Historical Events, making the “Blog Content White Papers even more interesting!’

Thankfully, all Grand-Father Claus-ed American born and Naturalized Citizens, will now have a “Trusted source and Guide,” they can depend upon! CABIRI, will be a “Uncontrolled Real World Business Media, Research, Coaching, Source, based upon our ‘Constitutional Right of ‘Freedom of Speech, and Press! Will only seek out the Truth to ‘ Save Human Lives,’ from “Man-Made Destruction and Deceit! Helping to protect the United States of America, your families, the Next Generation and your American History legacy’s! CABIRI, will ‘Always’ have you and your families best interest at heart!

Now we can “Join together as one Nation’ to ‘Help Fix America’s many “Broken Systems,” harming human lives all across the United States. It’s time we ‘Re-Trace our steps as our Previous Forefathers, wanted us to do, just in case we needed a guide to revert back to! Although, America it’s up to ‘All’ Naturalized American born Citizens to follow thru! If you don’t care about your country or children s future that ‘s okay! Although for the Citizens of America who are concerned and ‘Care’ its your time ‘Now’ this is the perfect time to step up and Say & Do your part as a Naturalized American Born Citizens. America many of us can’t do this alone, the forefathers stated it will ‘take the “People” to stand! They helped us decades ago, now it’s up to us to take it from there and help ourselves and our country to move forward and continue to be “One Independent Nation of The United States of America!” pg.4


Appendix A – Scenarios
Future Formats; White Papers, Slide Presentations, Webinars, Newsletters, 1 on 1 Group Discussions, Market Trend
Appendix B – Options
Like-Minded Organizations, Small Businesses, Corporations, All Naturalized American born Citizens-Anyone willing to Stand up to protect their American family legacies
Appendix C – Authors
Candance Camper – Founder/Owner – Entrepreneur
Mrs. Jackson – History Coach & Economic Researcher
Appendix C – References
National Law Library – Library of Congress
Charter of the United Nations: Chapter I: Purposes and Principles”. Retrievedp 2011-09-19
“Ending Extreme Poverty and Promoting Shared Prosperity”. 2013-04-19. Retrieved 2013-12-12.
André Heitz: The French court said… The right to a day in court prevails over jurisdictional immunity, UN Special number 645, November 2005
Borgwardt, Elizabeth (2007). A new deal for the world: America’s vision for human rights. Harvard University Press. ISBN9780674281912.

End Of CABIRI, Constitution “Blog Content White Paper Free Introduction”………We look forward in working with, “All Our Fellow Americans!” Thanks in advance in joining us helping to preserve American History! pg.5

United States Human Rights Violations Against The American People
United States Human Rights Violations Against The American People………….

CABIRI – Blog Content White Paper – Published 07/09/2015

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Constitution Articles:

Article I – Amendment 1 – Freedom of expression – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Article. XI.  11 – Proposed 1794-1795; Ratified 1798 –
The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State.

Article 11 is very important Amendment, which clarifies that State & Government officials are not immune from being sued in a federal court if they act in violation of a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution

Disclaimer: All Materials are for purposes of Public Knowledge per the U.S. Constitution of ‘Freedom Of Speech & Press