Unsafe Deadly Healthcare Mishaps in America

House Passes Bill to Improve Safety Monitoring of Medical Devices

This could be considered a ‘Milestone’ for All Women! The Federal Government and the FDA failed to see the disconnect with the labeling of medical-devices. Hmmm?? These leaders have no idea, how many lives they’ve impacted unnecessarily, “Dead & Alive.” Millions of lives could have been saved and not impacted, if the “Chemical Bill and the Medical Device Bill” were being properly monitored and enforced, for the protection of the American people. How could they forget about or ‘Ignore’ such critical bills that have to do with a human life. Medical – Devices themselves should be a ‘Red Flag’ being that their inserted inside the human body, and can cause ‘Deadly or severe Impacts!’

Every American Citizen should be ‘Yelling’ ‘Shame on the U.S. Federal Government, HHS, FDA, CDC, NIH and all other leaders for putting ‘Millions of American Citizens lives at risk by allowing the “U.S. Internationally Led Pharmaceutical Industry,”  to impact our lives and family members. These lax reactions by our ‘Federal Government and the Healthcare Industry, is not looking out for the “best interest of the ‘American People (Human Beings). Guarding, curing, and healing, lives carry’s a huge title!

Although, after researching we found out that the Healthcare industry in the U.S. has some ‘Frightening’ issue’s, other countries wouldn’t remotely allow to happen. In fact other countries such as ‘China’ are  catching the culprits and bringing them to Justice! In the U.S. there’s been Healthcare bribes, Deaths, Toxic Diseases, Toxic Vaccine’s, Toxic & Addictive Drugs,  Tax-Evasion, Medicare/Medicaid Fraud, and Tainted Products etc., just all sorts of ‘Healthcare corruption!’ And the U.S. Federal Government contines to allow it in America! ….And no matter what, all American families and their children will/can or have been impacted in the past or present by many evils lurking in “America’s Healthcare Industry/!”

Although at this current moment the “Healthcare Industry” in the United States is “Out of control!” So it’s  time for  more re-enforcement of the ‘The U.S. Attorney General ‘Loretta Lynch’ to “Step in” and begin ‘Investigating’ these ‘Federal Agencies, Organization’s, Corporations, Businesses, and Manufacturers, who have/will or can put human lives at risk!….And this especially goes if the business is “Internationally controlled” and Led! This brings a question into mind; How does the U.S. Government know about the ‘Structure, Safety, Ethics, and Principals, of a ‘International Business’ who’s ‘Board Members’ and Top Executives reside in their ‘Home’ country? Also Did you know numerous “International Countries” are supplying American Citizens with ‘Pharmaceutical Drugs?’

Did anyone not see this coming? How did the U.S. Federal Government allow ‘America’ to become ‘Solely’ Dependent upon ‘International Countries to supply their “Citizens” with ‘Pharmaceutical Drugs and Products?’ What would happen if these ‘Top International ‘Big Pharma Corporations’ decided to stop supplying drugs, to the United States, then what would happen? Could the U.S. Federal Government ensure the American people they’d still be able to receive their medications and treatments? Or would the entire United States Healthcare Industry come to a “Complete Stop?” Putting millions of ‘American Citizens lives in danger!’ These are a few interesting questions that should be addressed and acted upon!

The Healthcare indifference’s in the United States. are ‘Serious’ and must be addressed for the protection, and livelihoods of the American people! If all American Citizens take the time to ‘Contact’ the “U.S. State Attorney General” Loretta Lynch! Please let her know your a concerned American Citizen who’d like a “Full Investigation” into the United States Healthcare Industry, For the protection of your family and your children.

America if we All join together call, write, email, maybe then she’ll understand the American people are concerned about our ‘Health Safety’ and Welfare! America, please realize our lives are precious and deserve to be protected from ‘non-monitored ‘Products, Devices, and Services. So America please let’s ‘Stand Up and fight too save our own lives!’ ….And for those ‘Fellow Americans’ who are unsure, please read below articles that will make you think! The rest of the ‘Naturalized American Citizens Let’s get busy and start calling and emailing!!’

Healthcare Mishaps in America:

House passes chemical safety reform bill  

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded a contract worth up to $23.3 million to consulting and international development firm Nathan Associates Inc. to assist the agency with its effort to increase private sector development…

The Department of Health and Human Services keeps about 90 to 100 horses to aid in the production of antitoxins to fight botulism, a paralytic illness caused by bacteria, in the event of a biological terrorist attack or accidental exposure.

Heroin use growing at ‘alarming rate,’ feds warn

HHS expands protections for unaccompanied children immigrants

GOP keeps in place funding ban on gun violence research

FDA rule calls for more data on safety of healthcare antiseptics

House lawmakers grill State over embassy overruns – This is contradictory, when Afgan citizens own businesses in the U.S.

Senate Republicans push to punish ‘sanctuary cities’

FBI foiled July 4 attacks, chief says

Monsanto in Deep Trouble: Another Possible Lawsuit Pending

Shocking Undercover Footage Reveals Chicken Producer Tyson’s Animal Torture

Diabetes Medication Lawsuits

Actos Bladder Cancer and Heart Disease

MIRENA IUD and Risk of Uterine Perforation

Hysterectomy device warning prompts lawsuits

Emergency Room Cost Hospitals Overcharging

Zofran Birth Defects

Hope you get the point of why it’s important for all U.S. to act now!

Don’t Forget to Contact: Attorney General Loretta Lynch @ 202-353-1555

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