“Eugenics Theory Rapidly Unfolding Throughout The United States Of America” 



The United States ‘Territory Foreign Take-Over’
It seems that the United States Federal Government has failed to see the current “Strategic” multiple Foreign country “U.S. Territory Invasion currently occurring throughout the United States!” Foreign country plots to take over and Control U.S. Governments, States, City’s and Towns is strategically, working for multiple International Countries. The top known few infiltrated States, would be Florida, California, Texas, New York, Arizona, North Carolina, and New Jersey, although many more are unfolding as we speak, as their gaining more ‘Territory’ throughout the United States daily, weekly, and monthly.

For instance, Miami, Fl is now officially Cuba! American born Citizens are leaving the area due to the the City only ‘Catering’ to the Cuban race. All jobs, housing, and services are going to their Cuban Family and Friends, or country people in General. It’s sad to see American Citizens being considered 3rd class citizens and not being respected in their own country. California has the same issue’s with multiple countries whom have ‘Invaded’ the State and City’s, gaining control to accommodate their “Countries and Country people.” Which includes funding their own countries, off the backs of the United States Tax Payers, and American Territory they’ve gained within the United States, “Tax Free!”

The Better Country
America, wouldn’t one think if your country is not doing as well as another country, wouldn’t it be smart to get one of your country people to go over to the ‘Better Country” and gain Leadership, to help their ‘Home Country’ and their Countries Citizens’ who want to go live in the “Better country?” They also can purchase land in the “Better country” for all their family, friends, and Government to utilize for their own benefits.
This is exactly what’s unfolding currently in the United States, which many are missing. United States, States, Land, City’s are being ‘Strategically’ taken over by Foreign Leaders, who are collaborating with their Governments for the betterment of their Countries and Country people, not the United States nor the American people!
This poses a ‘Huge Problem” for American Born Citizens’ how can the, U.S. Government bypass these Strategic Territorial Plots unfolding! They may as well let them set up their own country “Military Bases” right here in America! That’s basically, what Foreign countries are doing by bringing over ‘Thousands’ of their own ‘Unknown Country’ people, who want to become or have become a United States Citizen.

..And with their leaders in ‘Top U.S. Positions, and Visa Control, this makes their transition into United States quiet easy. These Foreign Countries have it down to a Science, with their Foreign country’s United States ‘Partners’ of U.S. Based Foreign Lawyers, Governors, Mayors, Senators, Family, and their Friends all working together to build a State, or Community within the United States just for their ‘Country and Country People!’

Disturbing News For Naturalized American Born Families
As, an American Citizen this should be a “Disgrace to All Naturalized American Born Families!” United States, States, City’s, and Governments are being controlled by “Foreign Country Leaders; and their partners whom are “Catering” to their country people only! …And WORSE these multiple countries are making it their own “Territory” pushing out the “True American born Citizens” of the United States, with family legacies and History in these area’s!
America the crazy part about all of this is, their gaining “Territory” in the United States all while their “Country Government” is working with other “International Countries,” whom are ‘Against the United States!’ So this means the “United States Federal Government,” has allowed multiple countries to invade United States Territories, against it’s own ‘Fellow Americans’ who voted them into ‘Office” and vowed to uphold the U.S. Constitution and protect American families against “Foreign Domestic Invasion!”

This is a Big No, No, and it’s Stated in the United States Constitution – ‘The Land Of The Law’ For The American People! View below specific Constitutional Laws that you should be aware of;

Article IV – Section 3 – Per The United States Constitution
New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union, but New State, shall be formed or elected when the Jurisdiction of any other State; Nor any State Formed by Junction of two or more States, or parts of States, without ‘Consent’ of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.

So Why has the U.S. Congress, Federal and State Legislatures allowed ‘U.S. Territory’s, Jobs, Housing, Land, to be deliberately taken away from America and the American people, by other ‘International Country’s and their Citizens?

Well let’s continue to view the next part of Article IV Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution!

United States Constitution – Article IV – Section 3
The Congress shall have power to Dispose of, and Make all Needful Rules and Regulations respectively the “Territory” or other “Property,” ‘Belonging’ to the United States, and Nothing in this Constitution Shall be Construed as to Prejudice Any Claims of the United States, or any particular State.

This would include “Prejudice Against The American People” by the ‘Multiple’ U.S. Foreign Leaders, Managers, Governors, Mayors, Congressmen, Congresswomen, Directors, Business and Corporate owners whom are “Catering to their own Country People,” and turning many United States, State’s and City’s into their Territory’s.

Article IV – Section 4 – United States Constitution
The United States shall guarantee to every State in his Union a Republic form of Government and Shall Protect Each of them against “Invasion” and on Application of Legislature, or the Executive when the Legislature cannot be convened against ‘Domestic Violence!’

America, we clearly see the United States is not adhering to or abiding by it’s own ‘U.S. Constitution‘ by allowing ‘Territories’ of the United States, to become Internationally Controlled, by New Foreign Leaders and their Country people. Which is a ‘Violation of the United States’ Constitution.

Here’s another Article VI – United States Constitution
All Debts Contracted and Engagements entered into before the adoption of this Constitution shall be as Valid Against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.

This, Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the ‘Supreme Law of the Land, and the Judges in every State shall be ‘Bound’ to thereby, Any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of Any State to the Contrary notwithstanding

The Senator and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the Several State Legislatures, and all Executive and Judicial Officers, shall be ‘Bound’ by Oath and Affirmation, to “Support this Constitution,” but “No Religious Test shall ever be Required as a Qualification to Any Officer or Public Trust under the United States.”

America, this poses a problem to all ‘American Born Citizens’ and the Next-Generation of American Children! If the American people and the United States Government doesn’t acknowledge these ‘Territorial Plots’ that are impacting the entire United States, and the American people, then how many more ‘Territory’s will be taken away from the United State’s and be given away! For the United States to become Internationally Controlled, turning America into a ‘Non – American Multi-Cultural Country!’ There’s a race of multiple countries trying to gain control and harm America and the American people! Depopulation is another factor, now the country is ‘Bombarded’ with citizens from all around the world!

The Congress of the United States and Judicial Systems took “Oaths and Affirmation’s” too Protect the American people, and abide by ‘Constitutional Laws’ Written by their previous ‘Forefathers!’ Unfortunately, this is not the case!! Many American people may want to begin asking questions, “Why your Federal Government is allowing your Land and Territories to be taken over by “Foreign “Newcomers who want to make America their home? The Territory Plots are ‘Brilliant’ and have worked for many countries, who were seeking to gain Land, Property, and Leadership within the United States. So you kinda have to ‘Respect’ the game their playing on the United States, they’ve done a good job tearing down America and the American people, for their own countries benefit!


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