America, CABIRI has some shocking news besides the current ‘Economical Warfare’ that’s impacting your American families in a devastating way, beyond the ‘Great Depression!’ Yes, it’s that serious people! Keep Reading!!

Protect Your Families – Before it’s too late – Don’t be a victim of Ignorance and Stubbornness

A MUST SEE VIDEO! For all American Citizens to see! Please protect your families! This video will show you how serious the United States Economy and Country as a Whole has some Serious, Dangerous issue’s concerning the United States “Foreign Driven Financial Crisis.” Were all in trouble and must act now to save our American families!

We all know America, has current issue’s with ‘Immigration’ well all of this ties together. Do to the open door ‘American Policy, American is now in jeopardy to truly be ‘Internationally Controlled’ for the ‘New World Order’ who wants to crush the American Economy and the American Dollar to gain control over the United States. Making the United States and the American people dependent upon ‘Foreign Countries’ to for all of our Finances-Good-Services to survive as a country.

It’s funny in College my ‘Micro/Macro Economics’ Professor pleaded for all students to pay close attention in her class, telling us we may need to know about these topics in the ‘Real World’  one day if our country is in a ‘Economical crisis.’

Well America, I’m glad I listened, it’s currently unfolding before my eye’s in my own country. My professor stated when a ‘Countries Economical Resources and Good/Services are taken away then a ‘Country’ can not function. This is a ‘True Statement’ believe it or not!

Saving Your Families And Legacies

For the past several years CABIRI, has been effortlessly trying to “Alert all American Families,” on any Economic Issue within the United States and around the World to be found! This was after a personal crisis which led to researching the Pharmaceutical industry and finding a hidden “Foreign Economical Warfare” taking over the the United States Healthcare industry. CABIRI also researched other relevant information out there that may impact ‘American Families’ and the entire U.S.A! Unfortunately the problems have been unfolding throughout the United States for several decades and now has hit home to all our families drastically!.

The Jim Rickart’s video is”Very, Very Relevant,” and was sent to CABIRI, to inform all of you, it came as a total complete and “Total Shock!” I’m glad this was sent, now I can prepare myself and my family for what’s to come! The Financial interview by ‘Money Morning’ coincides with my research, content and published articles concerning all ‘Socioeconomic’ impacts that are harming the United States, the American People, and the Next-American Generation of American Children, and were in trouble in the United States.

Are you going to Fight For Your Families Future In America

Every American should be ‘Livid’ and ‘Upset’ at all “Past and Current,” U.S. Presidents, Congress, House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, and all Federal Government Agencies, whom all have allowed this ‘Foreign Control’ to happen in our country impacting American families! …And ‘Many Top leaders’ who know exactly what there talking about, are ‘Forewarning’ all of us stating America is Going Down!! “Whether we like it or not!”

When you view this video you’ll see exactly, what each and every one of us have been missing! Author ‘Jim Rickards’ explains it extremely well in his Live Interview with “Money Morning!” It’s shocking and very scary in the same breath!

After viewing video, it would be a great idea for All American citizens to purchase his book, “Death Of Money!”He has a special until July 24, 2015. If you miss the deadline you can Invest in his book for $28, probably at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Please do not take this lightly! Protect your families whether you want to realize it or not this is ‘True’ and happening! 

Now on the last note: CABIRI, is interested in speaking with any ‘Naturalized American born Citizen’ from across the Nation! This is so we can start Uniting together to ‘Form Game Plans’ To protect our Country as well as our Homes, Families, Children, Legacies, and Personal Finances! The American people at this point have to ‘Stand Up’ and start Acting, it’s here and it’s the ‘Real Deal’ and we can’t ignore it like it’s just going to “Go Away!”

Also America, this is if your Wealthy or Not, the Foreign Control will hit the poor and the rich families of America, so just because you have money this doesn’t exempt you nor your ‘Family’ from becoming “Internationally Controlled!’ You won’t be able to spend your millions of American Dollar if it’s ‘Obsolete and controlled by Europe or China!’

So please take this serious and let’s ‘Save our own Families’ and start teaming up from State 2 State, City 2 City, and from Town 2 Town! To let the ‘Foreign Controllers’ know we will not “Go Down” without a fight in our country. For all Groups, Leaders, Organizations, and American People who are willing to ‘Stand Up & Help!’ It’s going to take a ‘Army’ of ‘Brains,’  ‘Power’ and ‘Intelligence’ to protect all of us! So let’s get strong and do what we have to do for our Country and our American Families sake!

Step Up To Help Your Fellow American’s – Quit Hiding in the Shadows, that’s doing us no good, there uniting against the American People so we have to do the same! 

                                             National Project Name:  “We The People

Contact CABIRI @ 954-901-7145 or Email: Name and Contact Information and will contact you

Hours – 9Am – 8pm – Monday – Friday or Saturday/Sunday – 1pm – 5pm

You Must Be A American Born Citizen Under The U.S. Constitution To Participate!!

**And for all of you who think this is a ‘Conspiracy’ and a bunch of B.S. will see you on the other side, if there is one!

Thanks for reading and supporting CABIRI @ Consumer2savlives, looking forward to getting to know all of you and working with you to help save your families. This is a huge step, although necessary for all of us!