Bush-Clinton-Rockefellers-Pope = Nazi Germany – Mafia Hidden Truth’s


American Families Continually Being Brain-Washed

There was clearly a German and a Nazi aspect to the events of 911. The key people in charge at the time in the West were all Nazi affiliated including US President George Bush Jr., US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Pope Benedict (Ratzinger) XVI, etc.

The 911 attack was followed immediately by the passage of the Patriot act, which is practically identical to the Nazi German constitution and therefore marked the beginning of the Nazi 4th Reich. Politicians, media figures and others who did not go along with the fascist take over were either killed or intimidated into silence.

There’s many other hidden issue’s and facts that are being swept under the rug and not being reported by main stream media, these impacts are just as harmful and deadly to all American family’s!

Please read full Story that will open your eye’s revealing what’s really been going on ‘Behind Closed Doors’ for quiet some time! The devils have been is disguises for decades, Obama is was just a ‘Shield’ to detour citizens from the real truth!

Content Source Link: Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update for August 18th, 2015


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