American Citizens Unknowingly Being Used As Human Guinea Pigs

Can American Citizens trust the USDA, FDA, or the AMA with their families health and safety?

Its become increasingly known many Foods, Drugs and Products are being ‘Chemically’ altered in some form. For some reason the Agricultural Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry are pushing the approvals of ‘Untested’ Fast Tracked, Multi-Chemically Induced foods, products, and pharmaceutical drugs. WHY$$$?

Fast Production Equals Revenue Generation

It’s a known fact in the business industry that the quicker the, “Production – Sale,” the faster the ROI (Return on Investment)! So of course, Corporations, Businesses, and our good old Federal Government are coming up with ‘Strategic ideas’ to increase their bottom lines and bring in the ‘Cash.’ Unfortunately, it’s just what businesses do, no matter whose lives they are putting in harms way! Although, it’s very disturbing when they’ve become so “Desperate” in their ‘Clever Schemes’ that these So-Called Leaders, are totally disregarding how their ‘Leadership Job Duties’ or ‘Man Made’ Actions, Decisions, Experiments, Laws, and Greed is impacting “American Families” and hindering the “United States” Economical well-being!

Economical Warfare: When a countries ‘Economical Resources and Government’ is ‘Controlled or Weakened!’This tactic is used for ‘Money Hungry – World Power’ country’s who want to “Take control” over U.S. citizens and all Economical resources human beings need to survive on a daily basis. They are using Power and Money in order to dictate, change laws, regulations, testing, patents, production, and using bribery for the U.S. FDA, NIH, AMA for generic drugs and fake foods they are producing, miraculously getting approvals for.

Who Can American Families Trust With Their Lives

How can the American people trust any Specialist, Business, Corporation or Organization directly tied to any Internationally owned Agriculture – Pharmaceutical Corporation in the United States or any other Internationally owned business or corporation for that matter? It’s ironic the “Internationally” owned American based businesses ‘Online and Offline’ have managed to gain U.S. Federal, State and Local Governments and Leaders approvals throughout the United States, who’ve decided to disregard their own country and American families, by doing businesses with these other countries who have no ‘Regard’ for a ‘Human Life.’ It’s all about a great ‘ROI!’

American families have no idea internationally owned business and corporations are providing goods and services for their families, which isn’t in their best interest! ‘Corporate Leaders’ not residing in the United States are making ‘Vital Health and Food decisions, and/or choices, for American Families! …And how is this possible when these unknown Corporate leaders and Executives reside in their home countries?

The U.S. Federal Government hasn’t done a great job monitoring the U.S. Chemical Bill in the United States since 1946 and 1976, so Who Knows what kinds of “Toxic Chemical Concoctions,” American families are putting into themselves and their children’s bodies! Causing irreparable ‘Mental or Physical damages!’

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The crazy part about all of this, is the United States had the nerve to allow “Bayer Pharmaceuticals of Germany” to have a say in Americas Chemical Industry Bill! While U.S. Citizens have no clue about any information pertaining to the “History behind Bayer (AG) – Germany, and their rising global chemical industry!

Which is very ironic, when ‘Advocates‘ and German Citizens are ‘Protesting‘ against Two “New Chemical Companies,” being currently built in Germany, Thanks to American families, purchasing their drugs and products. Although, one must “Ask” are the ‘New Chemical Companies‘ being built to produce more unregulated, untested, dangerous ‘Chemical Concoctions for human consumption?’ Regardless, of the fact, American families “Can Not Trust” these types of ‘Revenue Driven‘ Corporations, Governments, Leaders or any individual who disregards the importance of a ‘Human Life!’

Medical Industry ‘Elitist’ Killing Off Natural Healers Of The World

Let’s talk about the AMA (American Medical Association) many have failed to ‘Hold Accountable’ besides the Big Pharma, HHS, FDA, NIH, CDC. – In 1847 Physicians in America were not enjoying Competing with inexpensive, Natural remedies, that were being offered by Indians and skilled midwives. These are Remedies which are effective but are not profitable or patentable, so “Elitist Physicians” joined forces and formed an alliance called the AMA, the American Medical Association. “Not just any doctor,” was allowed to join this new, prestigious organization, but only the “regulars” everyone knew well, and those who did NOT use Natural Herbal remedies, Homeopathy or Native American remedies – for anything. By the turn of 1900, word got out fast.

The AMA is “hiring” and if you join the “patentable remedy industry” there would be plenty of money to go around. This was being called the “Great American Fraud,” the AMA doesn’t like critics, so they created an Anti-Critic Department called the Department of Investigation, or DOI, to hunt down and SHUT DOWN Doctors and Healers alike that were still using “Natural Remedies,” and thus digging into the profits of the AMA!

America do you see the partnership between the ‘American Medical Association’ and their ‘Agency Department of Investigations (DOI),’ trumped together by “Elitist!” Why don’t they want American citizens utilizing ‘Natural Cures?‘ Well we know the answer to that, Don’t We! These deceitful “Elitist and their Partners” are in violation, of the “United States Constitution by allowing Internationally owned Pharmaceutical Corporations, Doctors, Hospitals, etc., to prevent “Natural Healing Remedies” to scientifically advance. Which makes sense, at what point in time decades ago, families utilized natural remedies to heal themselves. Every country has it own special “All Natural Healing Remedies” for Aches, Pains and Diseases, all deriving from natural environmental things put on “Earth” for Human usage and Consumption!

Another interesting factor is the DOI kept files on anyone cured of cancer, files on vitamins and acupuncture, and even faith healing. The head of the AMA, Morris Fishbein just so happened to be one of the most skilled extortionists to ever live. As a US healer at the time, you had two choices: pay Fishbein for chemical drug coercion approval or find another profession. The AMA had the last say in all “prescribed” medicine, even though Fishbein never practiced a single day of medicine in his LIFE, and the AMA did NOT have any facilities to test any of the drugs they were slapping the “Seal of Acceptance” on, because it was all just a BUSINESS scam! Sounds similar to “FDA Approvals!”

It’s very frightening to know these types of “Hidden Back Door Deals” have been transpiring for decades in the United States, keeping the ‘Public‘ in the dark, although now coming full circle! America be ‘Really Aware’ of what your putting into your bodies for your own life’s sake! Unfortunately, the United States Agencies, Organizations, and U.S. Federal Government have deep International Roots,that need to be immediately “INVESTIGATED” for the protection of the American people! In the meantime, please be careful, and spread the word to protect your family and friends! As you read no one else is “Honestly Protecting” your families! Please take heed!

And….Please Know: The U.S. Constitution per previous American forefathers will prevail throughout America for “We The People!”

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