Cash $$$$ – International Big Pharma Paying Top Dollar For Human Guinea Pigs

Human Experimental “Clinical Trial Programs” Paying Huge Benefits in United States

America, there’s a increasing “Clinical Trial” trend occurring in the United States, that has become quite alarming and possibly deadly. The question everyone should be asking at this point is, Why are the United States “Internationally owned  Pharmaceutical Corporations,” paying so much money for “Human Guinea pigs? Doesn’t this raise any question when Clinical Trial Doctor Offices, and Programs are giving human beings ‘Untested’ ‘Non Approved’ for human consumption, experimental chemically induced drugs and products!

These ‘Clinical Trial’ programs are giving away $50 gift cards, referral bonuses, Average study pay $50 – 100k, duration of study can extend from  one week to several years, dependent upon the type of study.

Here’s some known facts reported to CABIRI, by a ‘Clinical Trial Patient’ who’s been participating in ‘Clinical Trials’ for the past 5yrs.; making over 100k, “CASH” recently making 25K “CASH” for 6 month study, including receiving additional Monetary bonuses, Clothing allowance,  Residing in Five-Star Upscale Facilities, Jacuzzi in room, Personal Maid Service, City tours,  Private Room for husband, wives and friends time alone, and Champagne. Correct me if I”m wrong this doesn’t spell out anything ‘Clinical Trial!’ This sounds like a extended “Paid Vacation” where you can get  ‘Huge Cash Money Rewards!’

So, Why is the U.S. Government allowing the Internationally controlled ‘Big Pharma’ and ‘Chemical Industries’ to target healthy human beings to test their unsafe products? Does anyone not comprehend the life long effects that could present itself with these ‘Unknown Chemical Concoctions?’ The impact could be deadly, life altering, mentally, physically, emotionally, internally down the line. No one knows what can happen if the ‘Drugs’ and ‘Products’ are in the early stages of the human experimental process? The human body is not a ‘Chemistry Project!’

It’s amazing how no one is raising any questions about this new ‘Fast Growing Big Money Making Industry’ that can cause harm to a human body! What if this was your Friend or Family member participating in these numerous trials @ – Check Out the massive listing, many trials are available for U.S. Citizens to Cash in on these ‘Big Money Clinical Trials’ Although at “What Risk?”

Yes, everyone agrees Science must evolve although at ‘What Cost?’

Is it worth your life to help advance the world?