CABIRI Milestone! German Women Suing Bayer Pharmaceuticals – Yasmin Lawsuit

Good Job Germany! Finally! Their holding one of their Countries Major Pharmaceutical Corporations accountable for impacting German Women’s lives!

Press Release
September 7, 2015 – Germany Sees First Contraceptives Lawsuit against BAYER – Increased Thrombosis Risk through Contraceptive Pills / Coalition demands ban of Yaz, Yasminelle and Yasmin

In 2013 CABIRI, contacted ‘Bayer Pharmaceuticals,’ the ‘Germany- Berlin Government,’ German Organizations, and reaching out to German Women, in regards ‘Bayer’ Pharmaceutical corporations, deadly, toxic life altering ‘Drugs and Products!’ We truly thought the ‘Alarm Bells’ fell on deaf ears! So Thumbs up! Germany Justice System for doing the right thing for all ‘Women’ of Germany, who’s lives have been impacted like thousands of American women, who fell prey to ‘Bayer Pharmaceuticals’ New and Enhanced Deadly Birth Control Concoctions Altering Women’s ‘Reproductive Organs!’

The Bayer Pharmaceutical Executives and Board Members residing in Germany, are refusing to be held accountable for their ‘Deadly Toxic Contraceptives’ such as; Birth Control Pills, Mesh, Plastic/Copper Iud’s, Patches, Any Implanon Devices, products and procedures such as Morcellation, which is giving women cancer or killing them.

Pharmaceutical Corporations such as Bayer care only about Revenue Generation, by any means necessary, and they don’t care if it includes taking a human life. Drugs and Products are ‘Man-Made’ and ‘ Pharmaceutical Corporations’ have “NO right, NO matter,” where in the world to ‘Take a Human Life!’ These Pharmaceutical men and women leaders with jobs, are responsible for human lives, and their carelessness, greediness, are killing people! Who gave these ‘ Executive Job Holders’ the right to play with human lives?

As the owner of CABIRI and a ignored victim of Bayer Pharmaceuticals the American Government, FDA, NIH, CDC, HHS in my own country!  I’m honored to know my years of hard work and dedication too protect all ‘Women’ around the ‘World’ is paying off! I developed CABIRI, to communicate my personal ‘Pharmaceutical Research and publicaly let everyone know about my personal “Reproductive Health” trauma by a “Toxic Medical Device” made either by Bayer Pharmaceutical, Berlex Corporation or Schering Plough, it was a toss up, the device had been bought, sold, enhanced, then sold off again, so who knows what concoction was inside of the deadly device that almost killed me!

I’m pleased for the ‘German Women’ whom are standing up and taking action against Bayer Pharmaceutical Corporation! I truly tried to forewarn all Women all over the ‘World!’ I didn’t want any ‘Woman’ to suffer for the 6yrs. I had to suffer, almost losing my own life from a medical device, due doctors in U.S. not knowing what was causing my life-threatening health problems!

…And besides the fact my research into the Pharmaceutical Industry, revealed many other demons that needed to be publicly communicated. One being chemically related, which in the U.S. after CABIRI, reported to ‘Obama’ about the ‘Toxic Chemicals in the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Federal Government ‘Finally’ found out the ‘U.S. Chemical Bill’ hadn’t been reviewed since 1946 and 1976! Which is not a action of protecting your ‘Country People!’ Once it came time to review the bill ‘Bayer Pharmaceutical’ was able to participate in the United States, regarding the revision of the ‘Chemical Bill’ for U.S. Citizens. So “All Women” around the world must continue to protect one another, especially when “Bayer Pharmaceuticals”  is currently building two ‘New Chemical Companies’ making products with dangerous ‘Chemicals’ they used in World War I. Advocates in Germany are against the plants being built!

See CBG Network For Full Story: New TDI plant: Environmental groups affirm criticism – Friends of the Earth Germany and the Coalition against BAYER Dangers reconfirm their criticism towards the new chemical plant at Dormagen (Germany).

Again, Thank you, CBG Network of Germany for keeping CABIRI, and all U.S. Women informed! This proves B2B communications can work for the greater good of all human beings. Let’s keep helping and protecting one another! No matter where you live in the world, your families life is valuable! ..And knowing the ‘Truth’ will help families take the proper action in their ‘Home Countries’ for protection of their own families Health, Safety, and Well-being.

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