‘ILLUMINATI’ Americas Entertainment Industry Satanic Terrorists

Entertainment Industry Selling Their Souls To Become Powerful and Successful


Get This One America! Actors, Models, Artist, Musicians must join Illuminati in order to have a ‘Lucrative Entertainment Career!’

Ride or Die, according to rules of the ‘Entertainment Industry!’ There’s a current trend in the Entertainment Industry no one has caught onto, or may be afraid to speak of! Well the truth Illuminati is the work of the ‘Devil!’ Which has nothing to do with religion, when a killing sacrifice is involved!

This ‘Devil Cult’ has become very powerful in the United States, mainly in the California, New York area’s, where aspiring ‘Entertainers’ go to pursue their dreams! Although, hey have big ‘Dreams’ they have no idea there’s a ‘Catch!’ In order for them to make it to the ‘Top Level’ they must join Illuminati, and undergo several tasks before being deemed ‘Worthy’ to have ‘Fame & Fortune.’  Why are ‘Entertainers’ falling prey to these asinine ‘Terrorists’ that needs to be shut down!

Do Entertainers not have ‘Faith’ in themselves that their ‘Talent’ will prevail without joining a ‘Entertainment Terrorist Cult? This is very sad, and ‘ NO Parent’ should allow their ‘Child’ to participate in this type of ‘Industry’ who wants to convert your child into one of Satan’s Spawn, possibly killing you as a family member! …And Yes, Your American Children are being impacted! Watch video’s included for enlightenment!

See below what it takes to become successful, in the ‘Entertainment Industry’ according to Illuminati! America if this isn’t the ‘Craziest Thing You’d Ever Heard’ Well the truth is out about this ‘Terrorist Satanic Cult’ that should be deemed just as dangerous and powerful as any other ‘Terrorists Organization’ around the world! Illuminati is preying on innocent and vulnerable ‘Entertainers’ who just want to provide their ‘God Given Talents To The World!’ How awful for them to have too ‘Sell their Souls,’ to the Devil and go to such extreme deadly measures just to make it in the Industry!

So America, before you support your favorite ‘Entertainer’ investigate them to see if their a part of America’s “New Satanic Terrorist Cult Illuminati!” Don’t fall victim to the ‘Devil and his ‘Spawns!’ America this is ‘Real’ and Please Recognize’ many “Entertainers’ are killing their own family members,  and becoming Homo-Sexual, just for a ‘Success, Power and Millions!’

What is wrong with people these days? Is money so important you will do the following to become successful?

  1. Kill one of your Family members (Sacrifice)
  2. Be or Become A Homo-Sexual
  3. Perform Daily Rituals (Satanic)
  4. Convert to a Free Mason
  5. Receive your Black Card For Doing A Excellent Job

America, please take heed, these are socioeconomic impacts that can harm someone in your family who has talent and wants to get into the Entertainment Industry! Ask yourselves, is it really worth your child’s life or a family members life? Just remember if the answer is ‘Yes’ their ‘Sacrifice’ may be you reading this article!

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