No Community Based Rent Control Ordinances – Protecting Tenants

High Mortgages from Banks = Excessive Un-Affordable Rents

Has anyone not seen the connection between the ‘Housing Industry’ and the ‘Financial Institutions?’

Debate over rent control and race for Seattle Position 8

Now here’s some interesting points to be known; The American citizens bailed out the banks; by which these same bailed-out banks and the Federal Government; has ‘Billions’ of foreclosed properties currently sitting stagnant on their books. ‘As Citizens of America are Homeless!’ These same banks have control over Billions of Dollars of Mortgages, charging excessive interest rates for home loans, equity loans, etc., whereas; the homeowner or the investors, ‘Mortgage’ payments are so, “Inflated they” have no other choice,” to charge three times their mortgage payment in order to get a better ROI,(Return on investment).

This activity trickles down to the ‘Citizens of America’ who can’t afford to move into a Apartment, Home, or Condominium, these days. Many citizens are ‘Homeless or Unemployed’ due to the ‘Down Economy’ and the unstable job market, increasing gas, food, insurance, electricity, and medical prices, it’s almost impossible to have anything left for any Citizen working for minimum wage, elderly citizens on a fixed income, single-parent mothers, and the disabled.

How in the world are they expected to pay such ‘Excessive Rents’ that are increasing yearly, without their income rising? The majority of property in America has been purchased by ‘International Newcomers” who are ‘Asking 1st Months, Last Months, + Security Deposit + Application Fee + Pet Deposit! Many landlords have been known to discriminate against citizens who do not meet their rental criteria based on the color of their skin, and background, employment history, or how many children a single parent may have. Or if there’s a young adult who could be renting for the first time, they are looked down upon as irresponsible tenants. Elderly citizens living on Social Security are going without ‘Food’ just to pay their ‘Rent and Electricity!’ How crazy is that! Are people really this inhumane?

This is in no way shape or form ‘Affordable Housing’ this is called ‘Americas Homeless Epidemic! Which is the fault of the ‘Banks’ still holding onto ‘Foreclosed Properties’ American Families could be residing in! Why not did they not take part in bailing out the Banks!

Rent control ages badly in Los Angeles

If ‘Financial Institutions’ lowered Mortgage Rates, Landlords wouldn’t have to charge such ‘Excessive Rental Fee’s!’ Or if Landlords are charging ‘Unnecessary’ High Rental Fee’s, communities should adopt ‘Rental Control Policies/Ordinances’ to “CAP” how much Landlords/Financial Institutions in a specific area can charge a tenant. At this point Landlords can charge how much they want for their property’s and no one is holding them accountable!

Why don’t City Governments have ‘Community Policies’ in place for protecting their citizens! Excluding ‘Home Owner Due’s that are to be paid monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, on top of the mortgage, which is another asinine rip-off! How in the world is this ‘Affordable Housing?’ The ‘Housing system’ is ‘Broken’ and must be addressed immediately in the United States before more innocent human beings die!

The housing crisis reflects ‘Bad Management’ of Financial Institutions, Wall Street, Landlords, and let’s not forget United States Department of Housing – HUD! There’s a ‘Huge’ disconnect, and the system is ‘Broken’ if the United States has a current Homeless Epidemic problem, something is not quiet right!

Until things like the above aren’t addressed from the ‘Top to the Bottom’ the homeless population will grow to the point of genocide! There are many ‘Homeless Men, Women, and Children Dying,’ in the streets daily, although isn’t being reported by ‘Main Stream Media!’

The High Cost of Rent Control

Please ask your Federal/State/Local Leaders, and Financial Institutions, about your ‘Constitutional and Humanitarian Right’ as a American Citizen; too be provided proper Food, Shelter, Water? All current ‘ Housing Leaders’ are in ‘Violation’ of the United States Constitution, if Citizens of America aren’t being provided adequate shelter, and being left on the streets to die!

Evictions from rent-controlled units on the rise in L.A.

Again, America as we see there’s “No accountability” or “Protection” in the United States, for the American people!

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U.S. Inspector Generals Office Giving SSI Benefits To Non-Americans

Naturalized American born citizens are being denied SSI Benefits as International Citizens CASH IN


Obama Gives “Non English Speakers” Fast Track to Social Security Disability Payments

Sessions Investigates Disability Benefits Being Awarded On Basis Of Inability To Speak English

America please be aware that your Families Decades of Tax dollars are being given to Chinese, Latinos, Spanish, and Neo-Nazi’s, that haven’t paid a dime into Americas economy or fought any wars!

Former Nazis received $20.2M in Social Security benefits, watchdog says

This should be upsetting to all ‘Naturalized American born citizens!’ What about our Elderly American parents, U.S. Veterans, and Disabled citizens who are in need of these benefits their American families have paid to the U.S. Federal Government for DECADES!! What is wrong with United States? How can the U.S. Inspector Generals Office give ‘Chinese Citizens’ any benefits when the United States owes “China” Billions of Dollars! That is the most idiotic thing you could ever do!

Suspected Nazi war criminals collecting ‘millions’ in Social Security – investigation

Eligibility for Federal Programs – National Immigration Law

How can they just think it’s okay to do so? Besides the fact they are giving ‘New Foreigners,’ American families decades of hard earned money paid into their country of America! SSI or any other benefit is to 1st go to ‘NATURALIZED AMERICAN BORN FAMILIES,’ meaning ‘Americas’ Elderly, Disabled, and War Veterans! They have lost their everlasting minds if they think the American people are going to just ‘Bow Down’ and allow this to occur! If they want to play games and giveaway American families ‘Tax Paying’ Dollars, Why should the American people pay taxes to the U.S. Federal Government?

Do You Have to Be a Citizen to Get Social Security Disability?

Collecting U.S. retirement benefits while abroad

This is the American peoples money ‘Not Foreign Citizens’ Money! It’s time to separate the two! If other nationalities want benefits how about the U.S. Federal Government start a ‘International Benefit Fund’ for them! It isn’t the responsibility of NATURALIZED ‘GRAND-FATHER’ CLAUS-ED AMERICAN BORN CITIZENS to take care of these international families from all over the world.

Social Security for Immigrants and Refugees

Hopefully ‘Every’ Tax Paying American Citizen reads this article and passes it along! For the naysayers, did you know the majority of United States ‘Homeless Citizens’ are American children – The Next American Born Generation, U.S. Veterans – Who fought to protect your U.S. families and your country, and many Elderly –  your American Parents and Grand-parents! How can any ‘True American’ sit back and allow this to happen, and sleep at night? You may have to one day depend on these types of benefits! Anything can happen! Your life is not set in stone! Although, unfortunately many U.S families may ‘Not Care’ their ‘Decades’ of Tax Paying Dollars’ are being given away to ‘Non-American’ international families!

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The Startling Rise of Disability in America

A Lot Fewer Americans Get Unemployment Benefits Than You Think

The growing criminalization of homelessness

America today: There are a lot of good people who are homeless

Los Angeles officials propose to declare state of emergency over homelessness

Foreign U.S. Business Owners – Refusing To Hire American Citizens

Naturalized American born citizens being deprived in their own country


America did you know that the EB-5 Visa bill is catering to foreign citizens and their families. This bill was put in place by ‘Daddy Bush’ which allowed international families from all over the world to come to the United States to work, own businesses and buy up property! Well nationalities from all over the ‘World’ have done just that! How can ‘Naturalized American Born Leaders’ turn against their own country and fellow Americans?


Well they have! Get this America, CABIRI randomly decided to go into 3 Businesses that were Foreign owned to ask them would they ‘Employ’ American Citizens if they had a ‘Available Job Opening!’ Well America do you know 1 out of 3 said YES, the other 2 foreign owned businesses stated ‘No’ they wouldn’t hire a American Citizen! WHAT??? America this is infuriating and all American born citizens should be appalled and displeased this is occurring in in the United States!


And..The Federal Government wonders why our Economy is a mess, well besides numerous other issue’s attacking American families, this by far the most devastating! All American Citizens should be asking themselves, how can “U.S. Leaders” allow international citizens to come into America and take away everything ‘American’ ancestors and ‘Forefathers’ have worked hard for to build for the American people! Especially jobs, apparently these international citizens care nothing about American Citizens Eating, Living or having a Job!


It’s a slap in the ‘Face’ when a foreigner tells a Naturalized American Born Citizen – NO, and they are living, breathing, and standing on American Soil! United States is not their home country! How can  they tell us NO! Also, when American families are purchasing their good and services! Every American families tax paying dollars are going to these ‘International Countries’ and their families all around the world, and they won’t even give a ‘Naturalized American Citizen a job!’ How crazy is that America! Something is gravely wrong with this picture!


The United States is for the American People, and it’s time ‘International Citizens’ learn to respect our country, values, and our legacies, and families. This is very disheartening to the millions of U.S. Veterans and their families who have fought to protect the United States, how can they allow ‘International Citizens’ from all over the world to come take over our country!


It’s time for some ‘Serious Re-Adjustment,’ in the United States! Someone is confused about the meaning of the United States Constitution and American Territory! Along with them being confused, thinking that the American people will just allow this to occur! Their Naturalized American born children come first and they will not stand for ‘New International’ citizens from all over the world taking away from their American children who will have to carry on their American families legacies!

Maybe a War in America, is the next step in order to protect American Territory for the next generation of ‘Naturalized American born children!’ This is not fair to them! Their families and ancestors were born in this country and they deserve what has been left for them!

Please tell U.S. Congress and all your Local and State leaders, that the American people want their ‘Territory Back’ from unfriendly international citizens who are refusing to ‘Share’ and work with ‘U.S.Citizens!’



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