Foreign U.S. Business Owners – Refusing To Hire American Citizens

Naturalized American born citizens being deprived in their own country


America did you know that the EB-5 Visa bill is catering to foreign citizens and their families. This bill was put in place by ‘Daddy Bush’ which allowed international families from all over the world to come to the United States to work, own businesses and buy up property! Well nationalities from all over the ‘World’ have done just that! How can ‘Naturalized American Born Leaders’ turn against their own country and fellow Americans?


Well they have! Get this America, CABIRI randomly decided to go into 3 Businesses that were Foreign owned to ask them would they ‘Employ’ American Citizens if they had a ‘Available Job Opening!’ Well America do you know 1 out of 3 said YES, the other 2 foreign owned businesses stated ‘No’ they wouldn’t hire a American Citizen! WHAT??? America this is infuriating and all American born citizens should be appalled and displeased this is occurring in in the United States!


And..The Federal Government wonders why our Economy is a mess, well besides numerous other issue’s attacking American families, this by far the most devastating! All American Citizens should be asking themselves, how can “U.S. Leaders” allow international citizens to come into America and take away everything ‘American’ ancestors and ‘Forefathers’ have worked hard for to build for the American people! Especially jobs, apparently these international citizens care nothing about American Citizens Eating, Living or having a Job!


It’s a slap in the ‘Face’ when a foreigner tells a Naturalized American Born Citizen – NO, and they are living, breathing, and standing on American Soil! United States is not their home country! How can  they tell us NO! Also, when American families are purchasing their good and services! Every American families tax paying dollars are going to these ‘International Countries’ and their families all around the world, and they won’t even give a ‘Naturalized American Citizen a job!’ How crazy is that America! Something is gravely wrong with this picture!


The United States is for the American People, and it’s time ‘International Citizens’ learn to respect our country, values, and our legacies, and families. This is very disheartening to the millions of U.S. Veterans and their families who have fought to protect the United States, how can they allow ‘International Citizens’ from all over the world to come take over our country!


It’s time for some ‘Serious Re-Adjustment,’ in the United States! Someone is confused about the meaning of the United States Constitution and American Territory! Along with them being confused, thinking that the American people will just allow this to occur! Their Naturalized American born children come first and they will not stand for ‘New International’ citizens from all over the world taking away from their American children who will have to carry on their American families legacies!

Maybe a War in America, is the next step in order to protect American Territory for the next generation of ‘Naturalized American born children!’ This is not fair to them! Their families and ancestors were born in this country and they deserve what has been left for them!

Please tell U.S. Congress and all your Local and State leaders, that the American people want their ‘Territory Back’ from unfriendly international citizens who are refusing to ‘Share’ and work with ‘U.S.Citizens!’



Thank you for reading CABIRI’s Socio-Economic Impact News, impacting All Naturalized American Born Families!