America, It’s time to separate Natural Born American Citizens From Immigrants and New Foreign Newcomers. America needs to know who’s real and whose not!


Its really a few simple solutions America, that can be put in place! See below:

Develop: U.S. INTERNATIONAL CONTROL CENTER – All Foreign Immigrants residing in U.S. legal or not will report to this office

All LEGAL FOREIGN newcomers can have a Social Security# with their Country Code and Visa Date printed on card 

International Marriage license expire after divorce – Must submit yearly U.S. marriage certificate

All Federal Tax Forms will be Filed Separately and made to accommodate International Citizens

Children born to illegal immigrants can NOT be used as ‘Tax Deductions’

Tuition Fee’s For Foreign and Exchange Students – Arriving in America no less 10yrs

No Business, Corporate or Political Leadership unless ‘Naturalized American Citizen’ – 20+

Foreign Newcomers, can not lawfully receive U.S. Benefits and resources, must file grievance with their ‘Home country’ and File in U.S. Federal court

All Foreign Citizens Entering U.S. Must take ‘English Test’ and speak English for all Employment

All U.S. owned foreign business must have up to 10 – 40% of American citizens working at said business. Family business ownership –  U.S. international restrictions must be implemented! No Foreign workers for a specific period of time at Business or Corporations! For monitoring purposes and assistance via the American people while building U.S. International development partnerships.

Land Ownership – Internationally Controlled In U.S. on Federal, State, Local Levels! – High Rents causing ‘Homeless Epidemic’ – No Rent Control to protect American Families. Certain races in the U.S. are passing favors on to their own country people and discriminating against other ‘American Born Races!’

Credit History and Criminal History must be on ID/DL with Citizen country code and SS#

These are just a few opinions and/or suggestions by CABIRI, which could be implemented too protect the American people who have decades of Family History and Legacies in the United States!

Thanks for reading CABIRI,

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