Happy New Year From CABIRI!!

2015 Is Ending With A ‘Bang’ All Throughout ‘The World’
2016 Is Set To Be A Busy Year
Get Ready!! Brace Yourselves Now

The Devastation, Hidden Government, Corporate, and Business Corruption, Terrorists attacks, Bombings, Floods, Fires, Racism, Increased Police Killings of Black youth’s by White Law Enforcement, U.S. Immigration, International and Refugee crisis, Poverty, Homelessness, Foreclosures, Unemployment, and Educational Financial Debt are current prevalent, ‘Socioeconomic Disparities’ that have or has impacted the United States in 2015!

Although, the current problems in the United States, all ‘American Families’ should be concerned about going into ‘The New Year’ is the “International Control and Presence” throughout U.S., in your Corporations, Businesses and many more ‘Economical Industries such as; Real-Estate, Hedge-Funds, IPO’s, Pink Sheets, Internet, Businesses, Employment Agencies, County-City Governments, Financial Industry, Pharmaceutical-Agriculture Industry, Education, Employment, Social Security, Welfare, Schools, Religions and the infiltration into the U.S. Government!

CABIRI, created a 2016 ‘U.S. Will List’ of How will America recover from such ‘Devastation’ and regain the ‘True Meaning’ Of What ‘United States’ for the American people per the U.S. Constitution

2016 U.S. Will & Testament
1. Will a Civil War break out behind U.S. Walls? Or will a ‘Wall’ be built?
2. Will unknown terrorists and unfriendly foreign citizens be allowed to live under the radar in the United States? Will U.S. Monitor Int’l Citizens Financial transactions sending ‘Funds’ out of U.S.
3. Will International Citizens continue to be allowed to Cater to their ‘country people in U.S.
4. Will International Citizens be ‘Deported’ or Segregated away from the American people
5. Will U.S. Allow International citizens too Lead, Lobby, Manage, States, City’s, County Governments
6. Will International Citizens be forced to learn ‘English’ in America, instead of the other way around
7. Will Rent Control Be Enforced in ‘All Communities’
8. Will Citizens of America be provided Basic living necessities, of Affordable Health Care, Food, Shelter, Water, and Financial Income to live as ‘Normal Human Beings’
9. Will Government Agencies, agree to ‘Public Transparency’
10. Will U.S. Government Stop Giving ‘Naturalized U.S. Born Citizens Family Benefits, Legacies, Land, and History away to ‘Foreign Immigrants
11. Will the U.S. Government allow ‘Illegal Immigrants’ to remain ‘Illegal’ disregarding ‘Criminal Law’
12. Will Racism ‘Stop’ between ‘Blacks and White “Americans”
13. Will U.S. Citizens become 3rd class Citizens in there own country
14. Will Germany, Russia, Cuba, Iran, Japan, China, Europe, India, U.K., Afghanistan, continue to ‘Dominate U.S. Economical Markets’
15. Will Political and Corporate corruption stop
16. Will Government Agencies, Leaders, Corporations be held Accountable for impacting ‘Human Lives’ due to their ‘Temporary Leadership Positions, where they committed fraud or was knowingly involved in corruption
17. Will there be a ‘U.S. Audit Processing Team’ to oversee ‘All Government Agencies, Corporations, and Businesses, ‘Systems, Processes, Financial, Employee’s, are Legally in Compliance’
18. Will all U.S. ‘International Business Owners’ BE forced to ‘Employ’ a Majority of American Citizens in order to Legally ‘Open or Operate a Business or Corporation within the U.S.
19. Will U.S. Citizens Be able to ‘Carry Guns’ until the Federal Government gets a handle on ‘Where and How Many Illegal Immigrants, Possible Terrorists, and Foreign Newcomers are in U.S.
20. Will Congress Stop attacking ‘Women’s Reproductive Health’ and/or her ‘Organs she was born with and need to survive! …And will U.S. Monitor International Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Drugs/Products, Food, and all other imported goods

American citizens must Fight to Protect what’s rightfully theirs, for themselves and the ‘Next-Generation of American Children!, Family Legacies, and History!

…And the International Citizens must Understand, and Realize the ‘American People’ come ‘First’ in the United States, it is their ‘Home Country!’ Please stop saying Americans are racist! Foreign Citizens must Learn to ‘Fight’ and make a way for their families in their ‘Home Countries!’ The Entire world really shouldn’t have too ‘Come’ to the U.S. in order to live a proper life or to learn! International Country Leaders, should be held accountable for their own country people, not another country!

Quality of a Human Life should be the same all around the world, No matter What Race, or Country they come from, People are all ‘Human Beings!’

“Thank You To All My Followers,and Dedicated Readers” who’ve Supported CABIRI, throughout 2015!! It’s truly been a Health-Pharmaceutical, Financial, Legal, Governmental difficult year, although a Awesome business year! CABIRI, has gained many New “Friends, Colleagues, and Networking Business Associates!

CABIRI, has grown, and still growing in the last few days of 2015! As the Owner/Founder of CABIRI, WE ‘Whole Heartedly’ appreciates the support, Helping ‘US’ to help ‘Save Lives’ working hard to make the ‘World A Better Place for all Humanity!’

It’s been ‘Awesome’ to have been recognized in 2015, by many ‘Top Leaders’ on the Federal and Global levels, Nominated For Awards, Nominated as a Expert in various Market Industries, asked to Join many Influential Organizations, Groups, Become a Speaker, Writer, and a Consultant!

CABIRI, has much, much, more work to do in ‘2016!’ The world is in ‘Crisis Mode’ and Public Awareness, Education, Protection and Safety must continue more than ever before!

CABIRI, will effortlessly continue to Help ‘Save Lives’ and Find ‘Resolutions’ to help Fix Broken’ ‘Economical Issue’s,’ American and Global Citizens are currently facing. In the past few years, with the ‘Help of CABIRI’s ‘Research Information’ and ‘Real World Knowledge’ many ‘Socioeconomic Issue’s have been ‘Uncovered in U.S. And Globally.’ CABIRI, has helped bring ‘Awareness’ assisting in making the world a better place for all Human beings! Many don’t realize all ‘Human Beings’ only have one life to live on Earth, and everyone has a ‘Right To Life, without it being deliberately harmed!’

CABIRI, has a ‘Huge Year Ahead in 2016’ and will need all the ‘SUPPORT’ we can get in order to continue Bringing ‘Global Awareness,’ Protect U.S. Borders, American Families, and provide support to Global Citizens, and Businesses who are in need of ‘Help and Resolutions’ to move their ‘Home Countries,’ Peacefully forward in the New year!

CABIRI, will be the first American Owned, ‘Uncontrolled’ Global, Minority Owned Trustworthy, Leading Publishing-News, Video Source for all American Families, who want the ‘Real Truth’ that’s not ‘Politically Correct!’

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Appropriate Taxes for Multinationals!


U.S. International Big Pharma Tax Evaders – How many more are in U.S.

BAYER appearing poor to tax authorities
The chemical and pharmaceutical company BAYER has systematically moved profits to low-tax countries. The corporation thereby reduces its tax burden at the expense of taxpayers in Germany, the United States or France.

Commies and Muslims Protest Donald Trump and Jews in NYC – Chant “Allahu Akbar” Outside Trump Towers (Video)

Why can’t international citizens not understand the ‘American People’ and their ‘Children’ come ‘First’ in there ‘Home Country’ and it’s nothing personal!